Hi everyone, well today I feel this diet is such a struggle!
I even had to go to bed today as i felt so weak, my head felt all mashed up, cant think very well :( This diet is so hard i dont know how you all keep this up, i keep dreaming of a little bit of chocolate, for energy, Still waiting for my rush of energy!

Help anyone:confused: :tear_drop: :eek:
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Hi Rose, how far along are you on your CD journey? If it's the first couple of days for you, you're bound to feel a bit "rubbish", your body is getting used to your new way of eating and is being forced into using up your fat stores to fuel your body. Once out of the first few days and into Ketosis, you will notice a new energy level, your skin will feel great and your hair will shine like never before.

I'm on week 3 and still think about food now and again, but I just try and push it to the back of my mind and think about other things, or have a 2 hour bath with a good mag!!

Once you start having your weekly weigh in's, you'll notice the weight fall off.

It really is worth a few days of tierdness, just think how close we are to SUMMER!!!!

Good luck x


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The start of the diet is the worse, just take it one step at a time, once you get through this stage it will get easier.
One thing that helped me in the first few days was looking at the before and after pictures that are posted on here. They are absolutley amazing, so inspirational. I can't wait until i reach my goal and post my pics on there, i'll feel so proud of myself.

Keep up the water intake and things should start to settle for you soon.

Good luck for your first weigh in xx
Hi Rose
i felt awful by day 5. it was last year but i remember it very clearly. terrible headache and bad stomache.
i even came very close to having a little accident on the way to the loo if you know what i mean!!!!
very weird few days but by day 7 i was all better and on a real high!
a wonderful feeling - something to look forward to, honestly!
no caffine in your system is a real buzz.
in fact since i stopped the diet, i still keep to a no caffine diet and i feel heaps better for it, honestly!
stick with it - this diet really works. i love it so much im trying to become a CDC :)


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Hi Rose, stick with it you are doing so well. These rubbish feelings will pass and then you will feel so much better. Good luck for your first weigh in (tomorrow?).


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Hi I am on day 6 of the diet, i found the first few days fine but now I do feel ill

I also felt fine on the first few days and then on day 6 I felt awful, when I came home from work had to go to bed for a few hours. Then the next day I felt ok.

Keep going


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yep, day 6 I had tummy troubles and felt a bit pants too, its ok, it will pass x


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Hi Rose1978 (very pretty btw)

How much water are you drinking? You may alleviate some of those feelings by upping your water consumption by a litre or two. Water often adds zing to my mood and feeling.


Hi Rose,
I was lucky - only had 1 really bad day early on then felt brilliant. Now on week 4 and so far so good. I think the water helps - I drink about 4-5litres each day. Keep at it - it will pass !!!!!