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Struggled Lastnite

On Day 3 now but really struggled lastnite. Got to a point I just wanted to eat something not for the fact of hunger but just to chew.:eating:

So wanted to chew something and spit it out again :(. I was trying to convince myself that aslong as I didnt swallow it it would be fine. Shameful I know! But I didnt cave I just went to bed at 9pm!! :eek:

Maybe if I try the flapjacks it will feel like im eating something.

Have also got an obsession with smelling bread too. My OH thinks I have finally lost the plot! Really hope im not the only one on this.

Feel ok 2day but it seems to be at nite I find it harder. And also going to my mums 2nite for a family gathering whilst everyone eats an Indian takeaway (my fav :mad:). I think I may just sit in the kitchen with my shake.

Sorry for the winge just needed to vent!
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Here we go again!
You did really well to get through last night. We all have moments like this so don't worry. Once you are through this first week it gets a lot easier. Good luck for avoiding the takeaway, it will really prove to yourself that you can do this diet and get to your goal. Well done and keep up the good work, that first weigh in will really make it worthwhile.
Poor you.......Indian food is one of my faves too......! Just be strong, as you know in just a few short weeks you will be lbs and even stones lighter.
it does get better trust me but im not sure the sniffing of the food will! i am a serial sniffer ,i cook hubbys dinners and have a good old sniff before i give it to him!

the lads at work have pizzas on Fridays so i'll be there sniffing the boxes:D
Mini B - Thank you and I am just desperate to get to my weigh to give me motivation. At the mo I dont own any scales as I threw them out so I wont be able to tell till Tuesday. Roll on Tuesday!

Office Girl & Monique's memoirs - So glad im not on my own on the sniffing thing. I shall be telling my OH that this is perfectly normal and hes the strange one. Bit of reverse psychology I think lol.

Yeah we have Chinese fridays at work but thankfully they are closed 2day yay!!! :D
you dont have to say sorry for windging thats what where here for i think to share the excperence day 4 was hard for me too not hungery just gravings it is so much better now and the time seams to be flying by too wait to youy start to see and feel the differences it will make it all worth it
Kezza,well done on getting through the day. Another day over and done with and a day closer the the new slimmer you.

Indian's is one of my fav's too ;) Be strong you can do this and look forward to an indians when you hit goal and refeed properly,that's one of my aims :D

As for the smelling bread, i went through a stage that everytime my OH was eating i would ask for a sniff,it kind of satisfied my craving as silly as it sounds!!

You are on the right track and closer to your weigh in day.
Good luck
Thank you guys. At least I know that what im experiencing is the norm and you all have got through it and had fantastic losses. So I just need to stick it out.

Going to have my lunch as late as poss today in order to tide me over whilst everyones eating.

I will just be sniffing galore 2nite lol :D.
Lol thats a really good idea. Maybe thats just what I need then. Have heard that they are filth.
Lol :giggle: that is definately worth a shot. Have you tried both of them?


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having said that, some people absolutely love them. And they can be toasted to make them hot. you should try them and see what your personal preference is. good luck. haha xx
By the sounds of it luck is what I need hehe. Well I shall get 1 of each on my weigh on Tuesday (providing I get through the weekend) and I shall give my feedback.
Just dont do what I did...I lost 7.5lbs on wed first weigh in...then convinced myself eating wouldnt hurt as Id lost loads..... so now Im starting wk 2 like its wk 1 and Im stil struggling...its so not worth it


Here we go again!
I would try the flapjacks if I was you. Personally I don't like them but I think we all have to try them cos a lot of people really do like them. Everyone is different. Good luck for your weigh in.


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and they tast like cr*p


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the flap jacks are pure evil