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im really struggling today but i think it was the dreaded food shop that did me, i went and got my weeks suply of shakes as i was using ones i hadnt until now and was ok till hubby wanted to go strait to tesco.. i swear this diet would be so much easier if i was single and no kids as theres still 5 people in the house who need to eat!

so did the food shop in record time and came home, went for a 20min walk to get out of the house while the sun was shining and then have made tea for the other 5 plus MIL.

now MIL has returned my eldest daughter today so Hubby pulled her to one side explained the diet and asked her not to talk about food ad if she could help him with tea, (he has a skin condition on his hands so cant peel spuds or do dishes as they crack and bleed) so she proceeded to tell me what shed eaten all day and then has sat on her behind while i make tea with hubbys help. so shel scoff that and go without helping with the dishes or anythin, she just expects to be waited on hand and foot! everytime i sit down she plonks the baby on me and flounces out side for a fag! i really feel like punching her!!!
rant over!

well with the gist of the day no wii fit hours in yet but hoping to go swimming tonight but thats only if she will stay to mind her grandkids as not brave enough to go alone yet!

hop eveyones doing better than me.. there cant be so few of us doing this 100% can there?

nic x
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Not sure Nic how many is doing Lipotrim 100% perhaps we need to do a roll call:)

It can be tough at times cooking for the family but hopefully it gets easier as time goes on and the family adjust to your needs and your resolve to do this diet grows stronger.

Well done on your walking and swimming both are a great way to tone up and get fit.
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You just explained the typical situations friends and family create for us. Its hard, I'm not gonna deny it but ranting about it to all of us is exactly what you should be doing. So you just rant away and we will all be here for you when you need us.
I hope you get to go swimming which should make you feel better, endorphins in all them happy hormones will be released. Hope tomorrow bring better mood for you but just hang in there and you'll see the difference in no time.


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Hi - my tip for the weekly shop is -- Shop online and get it delivered - this helps in 2 ways -- i don't have to go shopping with the kids !! and so don't buy things that i will be tempted to eat myself - even though you have to pay for delivery i find i am spending less as i plan what everyone is going to eat for the week and only buy that food and the kids don't drive me mad in shops by saying "can I have" and "I want this"...

It does get easier to cook for others without eating it yourself - i do all the cooking so i serve the dinner at the table and then usually leave the room so i'm not tempted to nibble of something.

Exercise - i always have good intentions but with 3 kids its hard to actually do it - i'm going on my Wii fit tonight.

good luck x


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I agree with Tracy, you rant hun, that's what we are here for. Sometimes it is those closest that cause the most frustration. Well done on sticking to the diet you are doing great! :)


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S: 20st8lb C: 20st8lb G: 11st8.5lb BMI: 43.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks ladies, got through last night with no slip ups and went for a swim!! only did 1/2 hour but i havent even looked at a pool in over a year so i was pleased with myself.. must be doing something right cos my arms are aching thismoringi but that good kind of toning achey!

im much more positive today gonna take the kids the park which is a longer walk away and has the free exercise machines that just use your weight as resistance so gonna get the kids doing them, with me and maybe a few relay races and a game of footie.. its probably a blessing that the kids are off and now the suns shining so no excuses!!



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I have the support from my kids and hubby. I have them on 3 meals a day also. No grazing in between. I either come on here or go for a walk while they are eating. Shopping doesnt really bother me! I haven noticed cos I am having no junk, they having no junk either lol They don't realise how lucky they were it was easter. :) But when that is gone, no more chocolate/crisps on a daily basis. I buy a 6 pack of crisps now, would have been 24 before. That way they still get a treat but once a week. I need to have new habits formed well before I start eating again. But every day is a day nearer my goal :)


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Hi Nic, I know how your feeling as started on Monday! Well done for telling MIL I haven't yet but dreading the next time we are invited for a meal! All the best xxx


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MIL sounds like a dream:eek:

Sounds like my exMIL !!

Always there with the helpful comments :rolleyes: and little else!!


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hehe she ok just no wen shes in my space too much, we used to live with her and i put up with all the **** so much with a smile on my face that little things bother me now! she is good to us and the kids tho

day 5 now and still strugglin but its getting easier gradually!!

im wondering how long it will take and wether ill stay on til the end?? hmm my mate was restarting LL supposedly at the same time doing it together but hasnt, bit annoyed really as she made a big deal about helping each other through, but shes not got that much to loose so i guess she figures ill be on it for ages and she can start later..

just doing the ironing and im sooo bored!!

nic x


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*hugs* Nicolaann

Keep at it sweetie! You can and will do this! Keep thinking of your reasons for doing it. Keep thinking of that huge smile you'll have in a few months when you reach goal, and look absolutely fabulous! All this initial yuckiness will be a distant memory when you're basking in the glory of slimhealthydom! You'll have so much more energy to fight with the MIL!

If you stick to plan 100% and sip the good ole H2O throughout the day you can't go wrong. The weight will fly off you in no time at all. Keep offloading on here when you're stressed/annoyed. There's always someone here to listen.


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