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Struggling again (food talk)


Surgically happy.
Really struggling at the minute. I averaged 2500 calories a day for 10 days and was this morning 7lbs heavier than I was at the start. I'm back up to 14st 10lbs.

I know the whole 3500 cals = 1lb thing but it's not that simple. My metabolism was pretty rubbish before I did lighter life, and now it's still shot to pieces.

I don't actually regret doing it - I believe I'd never have experienced life as a normal sized person without it, but boy am I paying in terms of calories I can take in safely.

Rght now, I just want to get back to 14st and stay there again. I'm back on a 1500 to 1700 calorie a day regime during the week, and 2000 calorie a day at the weekend. I'm back at the pool and aiming to do 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. We have a serious amount of work to do in the garden, so I'm looking at an hour in the garden most nights and a few hours a day at the weekend. On top of this, I have about 45 tp 75 minutes walking a day.

Once I get back to 14st, I'll increase my cals and try to maintain on 2k a day. (This is to see if my going down to 1500 cals is causing the issue).

I've had to accept that sweets, chocolate, biscuits have to leave my diet permanently. This will be difficult but I think it will be easier than trying to fit them in. Other foods like cakes are less problematic as I have them very rarely. Crisps I am not ready to let go of - but as long as I stick to sub 100 calorie packets a couple of times a week I can be happy.

I wish I understood why my weight flies up so fast beyond a certain calorie level. It will be tempting for anyone reading this to assume I am not counting my calories properly but I count everything - have done since January 6th (with the exception of a handful of days where I went mental, paid the price, then lost it again).

Today's calories:

breakfast was cereal:
2 weetabix, some rice krispies and skimmed milk = 300 calories.

Lunch a sandwich:
2 slices oatmeal bread, 2 rashers bacon, 1 boiled duck egg with light mayo, flora extra light = 550 calories.

misc coffee/soft drinks = 50 calories

Quorn and Cauli/brocolli/sweetcorn, with instant gravy = 600 calories

I normally aim for less during the day and more in the evening but going to try to even things out a bit better.

Long term aim is to maintain at 13 and a half stone, without calorie counting. It's not healthy to have to count these calories so obsessively and feeds whatever eating issues I have.
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hi andy
sorry to hear you are struggling
me too!
i can't seem to get the balance of calories right either - my metabolism is all over the place i'm putting on 1lb a week steadily.

it sounds like you are doing the right things re excercise, i need to get that bit sorted

hope you manage to get back to your goal weight

daisy x
Hi Andy,
Welcome back. You are among friends here as you know.
I remember how determined you can be. You'll get rid of those extra pounds in time for summer.


Making it all add up
Andy - great to hear from you again and BOY do I understand where you are coming from.

The only way I can stop from putting weight on is daily exercise (30 mins - 1hr walking is enough) and watching my intake for at least 5 days in the week, anything over ~ 1,800 KCal and weight comes on.

That said though it is getting better, 4 weeks without consciously monitoring last year = 16-18lb increase, this year the average has dropped to 7lb increase so either metabolism is getting better or I am.

Good luck Andy, you know we're all right behind you


Surgically happy.
Thanks folks. Things are improving - I've lost most of the recent gain - now just need to lose a stone or so of the previous gain!

I've given up chocolate and sweets - hopefully permanently and am keeping my calories between 1500 and 1800.

And if you're reading BL - I eat mountains of veg and love it - so you were completely right! I'm still dodging salad though ;)
nice one andy!
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
I got down to 13st 13.7lbs last week then went to a wedding and 48 hours later was 8.4lbs heavier!

Anyway, I got engaged on Friday gone so I don't care right now :)

OMG!!! I'm so HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You have no idea! :D :D :D Congratulations on the engagement!

The "weight" is only water! Plus who the f*** cares on this day of all days!! Weddings are supposed to be enjoyed. ;) They don't come around very often!
And if you're reading BL - I eat mountains of veg and love it - so you were completely right! I'm still dodging salad though ;)
Hi Andy!! I have only just seen this - at the time you wrote, I was going through a very difficult period back home (I lost my mother :( )

When I returned I could not catch up with all the threads, so now that I HAVE seen this, you have given me a good giggle this moring!! I remember how sure you were that you would never enjoy veggies.
So glad to see they have won you over!

I still hold out hope for salads!! hahahah

And - CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement - that is wonderful news and she is a lucky lady!

I am so happy for you!! :) :) :)

Thanks everyone :) Is hard to believe my life has changed so much.

BL, you have no hope of me eating salads - I've tried them a fair few times this year - but I now eat more veg than most people ever will! Yvvone makes a healthy curry (400 to 500 points per large portion) where the sauce is mostly made out of veg before you add another huge pile of veg to the pot.

Am sorry that you have lost your mum :( Its my biggest nightmare, and I hope you and your family have coped well as possible xxx


Making it all add up
Andy great to hear from you and MANY Congtratulations on your Engagement :)

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