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Struggling and dont know what to do

Hi I am so down tonight. I have just been to morrisons and have to say i dont know how i did it. Im on day 10 and have felt pretty much ok most of the day until now (same last night). I seem to be able to do it so easily whilst at work but when i get home and have to cook for the kids its awful. I have been walking around morrisons thinking, i should come off this and just eat healthy food rather than putting myself through this. If it were that simple i know i wouldnt have had to do this in the first place:( My mind is saying one thing and my heart is saying another and i really dont know what to do. This morning i felt so proud to have got to day 10 and now i can see it all going wrong. I would really appreciate some words of encouragement from anybody who has felt like this. Sorry to ramble on but im desperate and just feel like crying. Mandie
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Hi , I also feel like this at times , and say yes i'll come off this and do ww or cd then as i get going into those plans i think god the weigh loses are small and loss heart , because i have done ww and pro points , really you have to want this so much , its mind over matter , also you may be ok tomorrow , see how you feel if you keep getting down then you must do whats best ? what made you choice this diet go back to how you felt then , i'm on day 7 today , easy to start a diet the hard bit is staying on any diet


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We all have those 'i cant do this' moments, you are not alone. It is a tough diet plan but then it has amazing results which are the motivator for us to continue. As the weeks go on the counselling aspect of the plan will be forefront of your mind and help you deal with these crooked thoughts and identify ways of not falling off the plan. I didnt think I could do this plan and tried every other one under the sun, its true you can lose weight and eat healthy but you have to ask your self if thats the case why are you in the position you are now. Once the weight starts to show in your clothes and to your friends and family, that will be all the inspiration you need not to give up. Stick with it hun, keep yourself busy when you know those thoughts are about to kick in xx
Thanks so much for your replies.

I new when i started ten days ago that it would be hard but have to say thought i would have felt better. Like you say i just need to rol with it and tomorrow is another day.

Seeing the posts on here is such an inspiration and i can only hope that i have the same success. Been big for way too long and want to get my life back and feel happy.

I will keep going with all your support and it a means alot.

I will updat tomorrow when im hopefully feeling positive again.

thank you

Mandie xxxx

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just think these feelings won't last long of feeling you want to give in to food , over ride them , because if you don't your life will be an on going diet , like mine has been , so over riding the feelings , they won't get the better of me ;-)
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Hi hun the feelings really do pass - try and stick with it xxx


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Funnily enough I was in a food shop last night, and looking at all the fresh healthy stuff and thinking the very same things. Was also feeling deathly, so even more of a justification to cave and have a little something.

Thankfully I didn't, bought the dog treats and face cream I went in for then left. I have tried every diet under the sun weighty watchers, slimming world, atkins, calorie counting ect. This is the only one that has worked for me, and helped me achieve any weight loss at all. I know it works, I see it works and when I apply myself properly it works amazingly. The only thing that gets in the way is my own crooked dodgy thinking. It's a big thing on this diet to change the way we think about food. At the end of the day I 100% belieive that unless we change the way we use food we will never ever loose weight and keep it off long term. I have had friends who have had drastic bariatric surgery to loose weight, half their stomacks cut away and they have still re gained the weight as their thinking had not changed one bit.

It is awful hard on times to stay with that desparation of wanting to eat, that feeling of denial is horrid. EAting though is only a temporary solution and rarely addresses the feelings that are lurking underneath. They are only masquerading as hunger, the real feelings of wanting to be nurtured, of wanting a reward of wanting to be cared for are the ones that we are medicating for lie underneath. I am trying my damndest to work on those feelings and staying with them rather than stuffing them down with food.

Sorry if it is a bit of a ramble and a lighter life poster campaign, but I hope it helps. At the end of the day, we all make the choices we think are best for us. This is only my perspective ;)

Hope you get to feel better about things soon, and less conflicted xx


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Oh ps. Good on you Mandie for comming on here and posting. It really does help xx
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Hi mandie, firstly well done on getting to day ten. This is a really drastic thing to do , and whether you're day 1 or a 100 we should all be proud of what we have achieved and what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. If eating healthy and moving more solved weight problems there would be no fat people. Clearly that doesn't work for everyone and we have to take drastic action. For me when it gets tough I just think of everything I am gaining by cutting out the food, it's not running off the planet so you will have it again just not now. I also like to remind myself I'm not the garbage bin for the crap food and shouldn't treat myself as such. Good luck and I am sure you will be fine xxx

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