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Struggling - Any ideas / help gratefully received !

Well I am definitely struggling at the mo - any help or advice gratefully received ;)

I stayed the same this week (well I say stayed the same thats what I am going for as the scales were waving 0.5 lb each time I stepped on them so I have nearly lost 0.5 lb but not quite so I am going to go with the staying the same otherwise if I dont lose next week I can see me losing it over the school hols :( :()

I know I am loosing inches as my trews keep falling down but the weight isnt going down at the moment.

I am still on the 1200 cals a day as per MFP recommendations - do you reckon I should up it to 1400 a day and see how I go from there?

Anyone any ideas / help.... ??? please.....
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Hi Hun
How long have you been doing the plan?
I have been doing it since May now and I still stick within 1200 calories, purely because most days I dont need more than that.
You could go up to 1400 calories and see if it works better for you though. Also mix around you meals and try to have something different each day so you are getting plenty of variety.

Dont worry about maintaining though, it is still good and if you keep using your magic measure then im pretty sure you would of lost a few inches too :)

Why not try following the 7 day meal planner from the latest mag or something?
Good luck and I hope you lose next week.
Stacey xxx

Have done BMR calculator and it says I should be on 1387 cals so going to up it to there for a week and see how it goes.

Need to do more exercise this week tho.... hopefully going to zumba class tonight.

Havent got a magic measure :( but I know inches are going as my 'new' jeans which I got a few weeks ago are already too loose.

I have been doing RC for about 6 weeks - and so far lost 17 lbs ( 3 of which were put on over a weekend and then lost that week iykwim!!)
S: 9st11.5lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 0st13.5lb(9.82%)
What you have lost already is brilliant hun :)
Keep it up. I think it helps if u have a diet buddy too. I chat to my friend alot that I met online & we text eachother etc to find out how we are both doing. Kinda keeping an eye on eachother which is good :) xxx
Thanks :)
I have a BF who I text weekly with weight loss... had joined here and MFP to find some diet buddies - I find its quite quiet on the RC thread :( not as many peeps around as the SW one - lol

My main concern is should I stick to my 1200 cal a day as at the moment (althought I have stayed the same the last two weeks)
or should I up to my BMR allowance of 1387 cal a day??

Really dont know what to do :(


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I would say try 1387 cals for a week, see what happens,

I upped my cals to my allowance which was just under 1500 cals, and I put on weight, so now I tend to stick to 1300-1400 cals a day, and that seems ok (fingers crossed)


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Hi 1200 calories is only supposed to be done for 2 weeks then you increase your intake depending on weight /age i have rc inch loss book if you let me know your age and weight i will let you know what cals you should be having have you got the inch loss book if so just follow the info at the back of the book x
I had been going by the myfitnesspal app as have been using that to track calories etc... so had put all my details in there - had re-read the RC book which is what had raised my suspicions about uping the calories - the RC book and the BMR calculator on MFP both say similar amount of calories ;)


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Hey love - sorry to hear things have slowed down.

I agree, stick to 1387 and up your water and exercise . Also, if you like fish, maybe subsitute that instead of meat - remember the "my fishy week" thread on sw forum??

come back to us and let you know what you decide and how you get on.

I've been the same weight for over a month - but thats because i am a pig, not the diet - lol!
Thanks guys :)

I went to zumba class last night but not sure how many calories that burns as it wasnt on mfp - I googled it and it came up with 1000 per hour on 3 different sites... not sure if that it right tho - lol

I am going to go for the higher calories this week, more water and exercise and will see what happens !!!

School hols start on Friday... aarrggghh - not good for the diet :( I SOOOO need another lose to boost me to do this over the hols.... another maintain and I might start to cave to the craving of junk :( will power - whats that then !!!!!
Well this week had a fab loss - 3 lbs......

I upp'd to 1387 calories, tried to drink more water (only prob is needing the loo all the time - lol ) - did 2 exercise sessions and lost 3lbs this week......

SOOOOO chuffed.... one more 1lb and I am at my first stone off !!!!


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Oh well done :) maybe I will up my cals this weekend. Have been on 1200 for about 3 weeks now!

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