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Struggling at work!!

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Hey wondering if anybody could give me some advice.... I work 12.5 hour shifts, get a 15 min breakfast break in the morning (sometimes, but not that often) and a lunch break around 1-2pm..... I start @7:30am and finish at 8pm.
I try to have breakfast on my first break but quite often I don't have that break so end up not havin breakfast!!
By 1pm I am starving, so I have lunch... That's fine but, by 5/6pm I am so hungry I start to get shakey, and loose concentration and end up messing up and having syns to stop feeling that way.
I have tried everything but I still get to this stage every shift, anybody got any ides how I can stop this?! This had happened sooo many times now, and I have tried loads of different lunches to make me more full but still feel the same! Any ideas.....
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Can you not eat breakfast before work (I do it at work, but 15mins before I start), then snack at the first break. Have lunch and bring an extra portion of something for when you get hungry at 5, like a mugshot or some cous cous salad?

I seriously would bring an "extra lunch" or something to eat then. Is that an issue or can you get 5mins to eat a mug shot?

You should eat something every 4 or so hours. I have to, otherwise I get proper shaky.
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No I can't :( that would be the perfect solution, but Its just not possible!
I may have to try eating breakfast whilst on my way to work! Either that, or get up at 6 instead!!
I guess I could get away with a mug shot!! Perhaps keep them in my bag for wen I feel like that!!


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I would definitely bring a mugshot or a HExB (of like an alpen light or something).


I will do this!!!
can you not have an alpen light when you get peckist morning and night? just keep them in your pocket.
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Great idea!! I forgot about them!! I shall go out tomorrow and get some ready for work this week and see how it goes! Thanks
Bananas are a great quick fix for low blood sugar moments, they make you feel better for a long time afterwards, and they're easy to carry around! :)


Will get there one day!
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Is yours a desk job or something else?

I know how hard it was before I worked in an office as I wasn't allowed to eat in public and struggled. Now I'm in an office I try and eat breakfast before I come to work as we only get one break (if we have time), I get up at 3.30 some mornings for work so I know how you feel about not wanting to get up at 6.00, you could just have a banana or an alpen light.

For afternoon how about crabsticks, bits of carrot or celery? Something you can just grab and eat without having to prepare it.
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Thanks everyone for your ideas, it's not really the issue of getting breaks, as it's not then that I am struggling it's after my lunch break before I get home.

I am gonna try eatin breakfast on my way and then having lunch a little later and see if I am able to last better between then and time to go home.

Crabsticks are a great idea!!
Thank you all


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This is barbaric, how can you not have breaks? I work 15hour shifts a couple of times a week and 9 hour shifts and although we don't have breaks from work we do have to build meal breaks into our job.

I would say the lack of breakfast means your body in deficit before lunch which means you are quickly hungry again.

Even if it's a couple of bananas and an apple, a mini quiche or three can be eaten en route to work.
Make sure your lunch is a good one too, Pasta salad/Jacket spud and beans, then save your hexb for mid afternoon Alpen lights or whatever.
If you were diabetic this would have to be worked in to your hours! Why suffer for not being diabetic?
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I do always get a lunch break, and if I'm not busy I will have a break in the morning, it just depends if we have loads of customers in at that time.. it's just the time between lunch and goin home that I'm struggling with, as I can't really start eating in front of the customers.. I have been in today though, had breakfast on my way and had a mug shot and some crab sticks between lunch and goin home and it worked, so hopefully problem solved!!

Thanks all!
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