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struggling, decided to give myself a break


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Okay, rejoined in jan, and, have only lost aboput 8 lbs, it costing a lot of money to go to class each week, i'm getting totally stressed out, gaining, losing, and with everything else that going on, have decided to take a week's hoilday, get myself into a better mindset, not get wound up about everything that's going into my mouth and increase my exercise. I know it's not se that's not working, it's me. so here's to an interesting wee. Sorry for the rant, but, feel better:D
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I think everyone finds it hard, especially with Easter coming up.
If you do give yourself a week off, make sure you enjoy it and then make sure you come back as you will kick yourself if your hard work of losing 8 lbs is undone.

Sometimes it does kick start your loss so I hope it works for you

Big hugs xx
You say you want to get yourself into a better mindset & not get wound up about everything that's going into your mouth. Is there anything we can do to help? Do you really think taking a week off plan will help. You could put on a fair about of weight in 1 week, will you really be happy with that.


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hiyer, thanks for you're lovely replies, one of the reasons for my break, is my medication is being changed, i will still watch what i eat, as a lot of fatty foods i don't like anymore, and choose a lot of sw things automatically, i just need to get my head in gear. i'm still going be posting and catching up with what everyone's doing.:D
I've been in this exact same position this week, thursday night i binged and had what I wanted (not too bad but a lot more than I had planned)
So I decided I was going to stopped faffing around with red/green/SE days and purely focus on EE days.
I've found something that is going to keep my mind focused on other than SW and I'm going to take every meal as it comes. I used to update my diary and then add to it everytime I ate, now i'm updating my diary the day after i've eaten.

Hope you get yourself back in the mind set, it's taken me a lot of time to get back to this mind set too. Don't know if my ramblings will help but thought I would share my experience.


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I can see where youre coming from in some ways cos i had similar problems when i went to class in january. I found the pressure that i put on myself to lose lots every week too much and quit class.

My word of warning to you is dont let a week turn into a month or three months like i have done.

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