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Struggling & Havent Weighed In Yet!

Hi Everyone,

Im a bit worried! I was so motivated when I joined last week as well as being upset about my weight :(

I had a really good week- no mistakes completely 100% until Friday night- I had an unexpected 10.5 hour shift and I had no food to ate which ended up in me being starving and going into the fridge... I also rang the bank to find out that our Rent had bounced...

We have had financial problems for a while after our previous bank made a lot of errors and then had the audacity to ask us for £317.00 of bank charges, £200.00 of which I paid, but this left a big hole in our pocket.

This has just spiralled completely and we have been living in our overdraft- but managing!

I managed to pay for a 6 week countdown with my birthday money but I cant afford my shopping!!!! I can't afford fruit or veg or anything really.

Everything is going wrong at the minute and this just tops it off!!! Everything is stacking up and ive had a crap weekend :(, ive just gone over my Syns and I weigh in for the first time tomorrow and im so upset about it!

I don't know how to get around it!!!

I know that this is jumbled but its ruining me and I know this sounds selfish but I really need to lose weight its very desperate :(

This is my 2nd time back at group anyway after a close family bereavement a month ago and I left then (and put 8.5lbs on...) so I cant keep coming and going!!!!!

Can anyone help or give advice?

I just want to feel nice and pretty again!!!

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Thanks very much Alona!!!

Feeling a bit better today- have Indigestion but going to drink some water!
Will have a Mugshot at lunchtime before WI and hope for the best!

Chin up!!!!! Only way to get through it!!!

I too have had a berevment, my father in law died a few weeks ago & as he was the main carer for my mother in law this has left the whole family with coping not only with a loss but also what to do with MiL. My mother is also getting confused & at this moment in time we are conisdering instigating the Power of Attorney which we have in place.

So I really understand your problems, to be honest we've all had financial problems.

The only thing I can suggest is make sure you get time on your own for a little me time; there are lots of threads on here regarding cheap meals; there is also a 'where the bargins are' thread which is brill.

Plan your meals that way you know what you are having & it will help budget.

Take some mugshots or something similar to work to keep in your drawer for emergencies.

Finally ring the bank, explain your situation & see if they can do anything to help. If you have any debtors ring them & see if they can help, maybe you can go on a payment holiday, reduce payment..........

Good luck, you've got the determination & you will feel nice & pretty again soon:D
poor you, sounds like you're having an awful time just now.

well done for sticking to SW, and spending your birthday money on a countdown, that shows true determination,

how about going green days, its often cheaper than EE or red cos you don't need the veg and fruit as much

don't worry too much about syns and stuff, I think at this stage the determination and motivation will keep you going,

as michelle says, talk to your bank and creditors, don;t bury your head under the sand, if they're not helpful get on the moneysavingexpert website and see what the lovely martin lewis would suggest about who to contact next

you can get through this, and you are nice and you are pretty so there ss
I find that local fruit and veg markets do really cheap deals, like a big bag of carrots or a big bag of apples for £1.

I had financial problems and went to the Citizens Advice Bureau, it took a while but they helped me out and I only can pay what I can afford rather than what was unrealistically demanded by my debtors.

Good luck xxx
Welcome back Ruth!

Where you been?

Let's see how you've done first, and then after that we'll get the plans sorted. Small steps, you don't need me to tell you how it works.

Oh and nothing selfish about wanting or needing to lose weight.

Possibly a little selfish wanting to lose it all in the first week though ;):p

At least give it a fortnight:8855:

Fingers crossed for you

hi hun just want to say well done for buying a countdown course with ur birthday money that shows u really want to do it :) sorry u are having money probs at the moment i have been there myself so know what ur going through :cry:good luck xx

Regards your finance problem. i had a finance prob that took me a couple of years to admit to - i contacted Consumer Credit Counselling Service and they like CaB helped me sort out a budget plan to pay it all back - yes it was tough, but after 6 years i am now clear.

The extra money that next payday will bring will allow me to get new clothes- especially underware- i am getting fed up with having to pull everything up all the time...lol :)
Thank you to all of you for your advice I really appreciate it! Things are looking up and with careful spending and my friend moving in for a bit I'm sure we will be ok!!!

I lost 2.5 this week which I am so so chuffed with!!! I have got "pocket money" for food, so not living on much but I am coping! Particularly on Ainsley Harriott cupasoups/mugshots etc! Also baked beans are great! Bought frozen fruit and veg which is cheaper and keeps me going too!

Here is to a better week!!!

Well done Ruth !!!! 2.5 lbs is fantastic and all the more so with your financial situation.

Money problems seem to strip you of so much. Will power being one of them.

We have to be careful all the time. Paul's income is always uncertain as he is self employed, me too so we can never count on a fixed amount each month.

What I find helps a lot to manage is to buy fruit and veg in season and freeze it myself. Tomatoes become a tomato sauce for pasta or as a base for soups. I make all sorts and freeze it.

The freezer is your best friend when you have the money again to make batches of pasta and rice dishes, anything in fact that is freezable and SW friendly.

In the meantime how about doing your shopping when the supermarket is about to close and has loads of cut price bargains.

big hugs, see you in your diary,

well done on ur loss this week thats a great loss xx
hope ur ok xx
wow well done thats a great loss almost half a stone already, have a good weekend xx

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