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struggling need some support :(


Slowly but surely!
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Aw hun, I still get days like that 8 weeks in, its head hunger though and it does get easier to ignore, make a nice hot drink and relax or have a bath, good luck x


Slimming down the aisle
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I know just what you mean! I've been a bit like that, but it's so much easier now. And I'm sure it'll get easier for you too! And you can have the strength that any of the people on here have. It's a journey, and it takes time. As you move forward it'll get easier and you'll get stronger. Have you set yourself goals? Or targets? They might help for motivation!


Here we go again!
Hi 4444. Hang on in there, it does get easier.

I'm in week 17 now and still get these thoughts but they are a lot easier to ignore now. You are still just at the beginning of your LT journey so keep going!

The time really does fly by on LT and you wont believe how much weight you can lose in a short amount of time. Keep your goals in mind, stay motivated and busy and keep drinking plenty of water.

We are all here to support you when you need someone to lean on as we are all in the same boat. This diet isn't easy but you can do it, just stay strong and it really is worth it.
hey emma!!
that is such a good idea- i so need to just chill, Im going to spoil myself with a bubble bath tonight!! Iknow that i i do come off it things will just be the same as they always were.....and i SO do NOT want that!
thanks x

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At least you are now recognising the difference between real hunger and the psychological craving for food! Although that doesn't help when you are in the grip of a craving...!
Caroline and Emma are right - get yourself a nice hot drink, put your pj's on and settle on the couch - maybe have a browse through books on Amazon or clothes you'd like to buy? I have wasted hours doing this, distracting myself - but it works!
Just get through today and you will feel different tomorrow

Ellie xx
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I have just joined, and have just started my latest weight watcher experience today. try and remember how you felt the middle of the first day with the picture of your new exciting lightweight self prancing through the fields light and floating amongst the flowers and birds.

If that doesn't work take a look at all the fantastic before and after photos on the site that i just looked at ..........WOW.

Good luck you can definitely do it no doubt. Great advice from MummyEm too.
i realy didnt realise how much support is on here...... i feel ALOT better now, thank you so much!
About the goals,Im not really sure how to go about it......should i aim for week to week or should i have a big goal??? 5 stone just seems like too much for my brain.....(and my tummy) to handle........
Im just a bit overwhelmed at the moment i think!

also it is normal for your vision to be a little bit off on the diet?? when i get up in the mornings or from sitting down for a while things go dark?!?

thanks again
Hi 444 hun, I would aim for short goals, they are quickly achieved on this diet and will put you on cloud nine.

As for the vision thing, try not to get up too quickly from a lying or sitting position x x


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What is the difference between head hunger and tummy hunger?? I have every hunger going at the moment!!
well all i know is im yearning for food.......but my tummy feels fine....im not hungry and after my shake im always satisfied......i suppose its just craving is with your head......like i would kill for some jellies but im not actually hungry!
I dont know if i clarified or made things more confusing lol


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You sound like your further on than me then, my tummy AND my head is SCREAMING for food!!!! Everywhere u look there is food and its starting to make me go abit stir crazy! Last shake then bed, another day over and done with! Hope things feel better with u 4444 x


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For me, tummy hunger is the rumbling thing. Head hunger is 'ooh I just fancy a ...[fill in your own demon food]. The kind of hunger that makes you eat when you are already full x


I will be skinny again!!!
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Dont worry 4444 you do have the strength inside you! you can do it xxx


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I've found myself going to bed early many, many times since starting on LT. I find that total removal from food or being anywhere near it really helps.

I'm sad enough to take my laptop to bed and catch up with everyone here! I don't think I've slept so much in years.


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I know what you mean about there being food everywhere. Before starting this programme, I hardly noticed that 90% of ads on tv were for food related products!!! No wonder that there is an epedemic of obesity in this country!!!!! Keep strong and enjoy your bubble baths x x
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Sorry i missed your post yesterday.....hope it ended well for you and i hope you have a good day today:)
good luck


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Sounds a bit harsh, but think about how you will feel after you eat something, i did it on week 3 and felt absolutely ashamed and then ate everything i could get my hands on. I got back on it the next day, but felt so guilty and as if i had lost control, i went on to have a 2lb weight loss that week and couldn't stop wondering if it could have been more. At the end of the day it is only yourself that you are letting down, sorry to preach:copon:
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Hang on in there things will get better. I still wanted to eat badly after 2 weeks, I was nearly in tears about it! Then suddenly, it all went away....now I'm never hungry, head or tummy-wise and totally enjoy my shakes and love water.....My only problem now is that I'm a wee bit scared of eating and possibly losing control........

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