Struggling on Cambridge


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:( :(
I am struggling with the cambridge shakes, the chocolate is far too sweet for me. The soup gives me an after taste in my mouth that makes me feel sick and the bars .........apart from the peanut one I cannot abide the cranberry.....
But as luck would have it my son has a severe nut allergy so I can't have that one in the house.
BLAH................think I will have to go back to lipotrim. I thought I needed variety......but its just not working for me.

Any tips. Am miserable.


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Hey honey

It could be as simple as splitting your packs in half, which should dilute how strong they are. I can imagine it can seem a bit 'overwhelming' having so much choice all of a sudden, but perhaps it may get better with time?


Hi BB, sorry your struggling with the tastes, but if you came onto the CD for variety and your not liking it, then best thing is to go back to the Lipotrim, we gotta do the plan that suits us best.

At least you know now what both plans taste off, so the choice is yours....hopefully your CDC will take back the products and if she/he won't then PM me and I'll buy them off you, cuz I'm weird and love the sachets and the bars LOL,, actually the peanut and the cranberry are my least favourite but do have some for variety...

Saw your photos in the gallery yesterday, boys oh boys your looking good, so get back to the lipotrim where your happy and continue your've come too far to hit a wall now..


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Hey BB, you should try to give CD a little longer, maybe another week, where you split packs before you decide what to do. If you still cant stand it then go back to LT, but just make sure you give it a fair chance


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Hiya hun,
Which flavours have you tried?
Also have you tried making a muffin or cooking one of your packs to try?
Kitty xxx


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Hi Bettyboo

Try having the packs weaker. I make them up with about twice the recommended water. I wasn't keen on the chocolate shake until I had it hot as hot chocolate. One pack makes 2 hot chocs for me and I like thm very much.

Lots of the shakes I prefer hot toffee and walnut and butterscotch for instance. I should have a try of different flavours and making them weaker but if lipotrim suited you better then that's the way to go. You have done so well on it, so can't be bad!

Dizzy x


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oh don't say that Bb, I am changing on Saturday to CD from LT ... finding it so hard to stomach the LT this week ... is it just that you didn't get enough different ones to try??

Say the photos by the way, you are looking good girl!!


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I will struggle on. The chocolate is so sweet I should be delighted. Just feeling sorry for myself..........had a few glasses of wine last night (stupidly) so that hasn't helped my humour.

Back on the straight and narrow today. Will persist with CD.