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Struggling on Week 1, need help

I'm getting the odd hunger pang myself today. I just keep telling myself - I have not gone 5 days without food to ruin it all by eating something that would be gone in 2 mins.. and then I'd feel awful afterwards!! It's not worth it. what day are u on? first week is supposed to be the hardest..
come on - keep going... we can do it!! Think of standing on the scales at the end of the week!

kimmy x


Just keep swimming ...
One of the best bits od advice I read on this forum is just think about getting through today. Think that if you want to you could eat tomorrow, but I'm just going to get through today.

Then when tomorrow comes, you'll have hung in there another day, be more committed to staying on track and if that days hard, just think you could eat tomoorw if you wanted to etc etc.

It is hard but worth it!
Keep going!!!!

I am am in week 7, :) and the first week is the hardest by far, as your bad habits and mind challenges the change.
As Ketosis kicks in I found myself less hungry, occasionally I do have bad days or dream that I have eaten something, when I haven't. But stay strong I have not cheated once and my confidence is feeling great for it.

To keep the weight off the people that seem to be successful are those that challenge and change there habits.

Well done for getting so far. At the beginning I took it shake by shake, when I started I had to hold my nose every time as I hated the smell of the shakes, but have now got used to them and think they are ok.
Yes it is important to get all three shakes in throughout the day they provide just enough nutrients etc to sustain you for the day and enough to put you in ketosis if you have less your body could go into starvation mode (I think??) and could affectyour losses and your bodys ability to function..I have occasionally missed the third one if I've been very busy but it's not a good idea to do it everyday! What times do you have your drinks??? How much water do you make them with?? It's trial and error to find a way that suits you but try to have all three ( phew that was long :() good luck:)
Thanks for the tips. I have my first weigh in on friday and if i've lost over 5lbs I know it'll give me the bost to carry on. At the moment I keep questioning whether I've lost anything yet, and if I haven't what a waste it has been putting myself through it. As you can tell I'm seriously lacking motivation and positive mental attitude today, think I've hit a low.

Does anyone know what the average weight loss for the first week is? Is 5lbs or 6lbs unrealistic???


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The average first weeks weight loss would be around 7lb some lose less and some more it all depends on the glycogen store you have.

After this you will settle into your own unique pattern.

Most women will average out about a stone a month over the course of their weight loss journey.

The first week is the hardest and it does begin to get much easier week by week.

Drinking your water throughout the day really does help with energy levels and any discomfort you might be feeling.

Beside the scales it is good to have your body measurements as some weeks the scales might not move but you will find those are the weeks you have dropped inches.

Before photos are very helpful as well as it is much easier to see the weight coming off in monthly photos.

Hang in there you are doing great to have the first week done and well done on your weight loss:happy096:
Emmiclair; Im on day 3 and starving hungry, I had a vanilla shake with a shot of coffee this morning and it turned my stomach. Im flagging!

To be honbest this website is a lifesaver, the replies are the only thing pushing me through the day. Im also feeling rather cold today, my fingers are like ice ( sorry for being such a missery-guts; Im not usually like this)
aaahh don`t worry i am sure it will get better. i did LT last year but gave up after 2 weeks and 10 lbs! am am back for the long haul this time though and it does get better after the first week!!! i am on day 1 today!


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I have my first weigh in on friday, and I hope to have lost at least 5 lbs. otherwise I am thinking maybe this diet isnt for me.
hi hez ive also got my 1st weigh in on fri and also looking at about 5 pounds off.Iam finding alot more easier now the 1st 2 days was a nightmere i was starving ,lightheaded ,and had headaces but since day3 that seems to have past on on day 6 today and am feeling well,ive got about a stone and half to lose and not sure weather to go on the refeed programme or stay on this for a few more weeks .Ive just been trying get tho each day,A good weight loss could makemy mind up for me lol
Anyway keep going ur doing fab x
hey all, i've got my 5th weigh in on friday and so far i've lost 24 pounds. first week alone i lost 9 lb. i find everyday is hard in some way or another probably cos i have a 2 year old to feed aswell lol.
but i just keep thinkin everyday is another day down and a day closer to my goal. the biggest step is starting, good luck everybody !!
am sure you will hez. even i was aiming for 5 pounds but to my surprise, i lost 8 pounds on my first week and if you've done everything properly u will lose the 5 pounds or maybe more.
Hez; i have my first weigh in friday too and if i haven't lost at least5/6lbs I will be very disappointed and feel as if its alot of effort for a result that isnt great.

Im tempted to weigh myself now to see is there is any difference...
Hez; i have my first weigh in friday too and if i haven't lost at least5/6lbs I will be very disappointed and feel as if its alot of effort for a result that isnt great.

Im tempted to weigh myself now to see is there is any difference...
am sure you will lose 5-6 pounds. even i was like you on my first week and was so tempted to get weighed everyday because where i work there's a big electric scales and its free for us to get weighed but i resisted temptation and waited for my weigh in. and was amazed to see that i had lost 8 pounds...and i was well chuffed, didnt think i would have lost that much. no other diet has ever made me lose that much weight in a week and i love LP and thats the diet for me now till i reach my goal.
keep up with it.
:) :)

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