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Struggling? Summer is around the corner. We can do this x

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Having caught up on a few diaries and seeing how quiet it is in this section...... I thought i'd do a shout out :)

It looks like a lot of us have struggled in the last few months, weeks, days but as summer is coming we seem to be wanting to get back on track.

It would be brilliant to hear from those who are doing really well as we need your tips and advice. We also need to spur eachother on.

Summer is coming and wouldn't it be brilliant if we can all be feeling so much better in a couple of months time. It's meant to be a hot summer this year :)

We've tried a daily thread here before but it's never taken off so I'm not starting one :) . Just be lovely for all our friends on here to come and give us an update of how they are doing.

Hope everyone is happy and well,

Hugs xxx

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Morning sunshine i am close to goal now 2 lbs to go.! Ive got a mad weekend out up town so hope to be good.!

Good to hear you so cheerful again hun.x

Have a good day x

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Shanny hun.....2lbs off goal....That's absolutly fantastic....woooohooooo. Well done. Have a fab weekend. xxx

ps....... need your tips xxx :)


loving life
Morning Sunshine,

I have been at goal for 5 weeks now and loving the new me. I have gone a few pounds under goal which was a nice surpirse. I am looking forward to summer so much this year and have bought lot's of new clothes for the hot weather that we are hopefully going to have.

I am loving maintenance and I am sticking to 1500 cals a day which I am very satisfied on. I have learnt not to deprive myself of any foods but there are foods that I simply choose not to eat as I really do enjoy the healthier option.

Hope you all have a great Summer xx.


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Thank you sunshine but if you really think ive been on CD since last year lol.!

I say always stick with the diet' im sure everyone has UP, and DOWN days but carrying on till goal is what has helped me loads.

plodding on even thou it's taken me a whole year im a slimmer shanny today.

Zoe D has done fantastic too.
And so will you Sunshine, you helped me loads last year.xx


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I'm 1lb below goal since Feb, having been away for 2 weeks half board in April so I'm feeling quite happy about that - I took some of the recommended books away with me (Laura Croft has posted about these ) Gillian Riley's 'Eating Less', the Beck Diet solution and anything else I thought might help. They all aim to bring the head in line with the body. I'm sticking to about 1800 calories to maintain and dropped to 1300-1500 after the holiday to get the 4lbs off that I put on, which came off in a couple of weeks. A couple of tips that I follow:
I find that after SS, my body tastes kind of reset and I now can eat veg until I'm full, rather than going for cakes etc.
I don't view cakes (and ice creams and sweets) as an option any more - they are simply things I DON'T eat. I could quite happily treat the kids to an ice cream on hols but didn't even consider buying one for me - I got my enjoyment from seeing them eat theirs.
I still do eat until I'm full, rather than following Paul McKenna's plan of eating until satisfied but I hope it's now all of the right things. If not (I was at a works conference a few days ago where I did stuff on the buffet), I cut down afterwards as when I'm at home and work, I've got myself into good enough habits to pull back any damage. A habit of mine used to be to call at the local shop on the way home - habits can be broken (Gillian Riley calls it strengthening your resistance muscle).
I now view this as the long term rather than getting stressed out if the scales show a pound or two gain. If I know I haven't eaten an extra 3,500 calories per lb, it won't be fat
Fab thread!! Such positivity and that is so important, enjoying the new you and celebrating your achievements!

Two years down the line I can promise you the novelty doesn't wear off and as summer approaches I can feel my excitement building as I look forward to trying on all the new summer clothes in the shops and liking what looks back at me from the mirror.

I now look forward to summer rather than dreading it!



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Two years down the line I can promise you the novelty doesn't wear off and as summer approaches I can feel my excitement building as I look forward to trying on all the new summer clothes in the shops and liking what looks back at me from the mirror.
That's good to know, Georgie - I wondered if there was a danger of taking it for granted and letting things slip down the line. I'm very conscious at the moment of not getting into bad habits as I can remember how I looked and felt when bigger, and how much time and effort (and money) went into getting slimmer and I don't want that to fade away at all.


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i was off cd for a month (not through choice) and i am delighted that i managed to maintain. coming off was really stressful for me and i had no confidence in myself at all to maintain but i did it (even though i was under a lot of stress). so i am back now to lose the last few pesky pounds and then move up the plans properly as i couldnt do this last month as i went away very last minute! love thread as its hard restarting but reading positive posts really helps to get me through these initial horrible days.


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I am back on CD ss now after a prolonged absence and a nasty divorce etc. Have regained 2 1/2 stone due to illness through all of this, but am now on the mend. Day 3 today and I am feeling so good. Its a step forward in the only direction I can now. Porgeous is right about all the summer clothes. I have a wardrobe full of size 12's, and trying to squeeze a 14/16 in them just ain't gonna work!!! No matter how hard I try! Nowadays I cant afford to buy any more (alot still have the tags on too.), and CD is cheaper in the long run. The only way is up!

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