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Struggling to cope with AAM


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S: 19st3lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 3st12lb(20.07%)
Hey everyone, :wavey:

I have a thread over in the 'brides to be' forum, but not many people read our threads & I'm having a bit of a crisis so thought I'd copy my last post over here to see if anyone could help me??

"Hi gang

I hate to be saying this as I've tried to stay really positive & upbeat whilst doing CD,
But ever since doing AAM I've found it really hard not to eat stuff :( - don't get me wrong... I haven't been on any chocolate/crisps/take-away binges or anything, but I just seem to be spending the entire day obsessing about cottage cheese, lettuce & pickled cabbage!!

Hardest day was yesterday (stayed in all day) & H2b bought himself a massive pepperoni pizza!! (my favourite food in the whole world) I was gutted to say the least!
I didn't have any and went up into the attic sulking with him for being so unsupportive & "torturing me" where I spent 20 mins on the treadmill trying to get rid of my frustration!!

I came back down feeling pretty proud of myself but with the lovely smell still lingering in the air I felt really hungry so gave in & made myself another small salad (I'd already had the one i was allowed)
I tried telling myself it's only lettuce & cucumber & some very low fat cottage cheese... plus i'd just spent 20 mins burning calories, so surely it couldn't be THAT bad?? after all I'm only having a small bowl of salad instead of a slice of pizza??
My weight has pretty much stayed the same for a week & I was starting to feel a bit dis-heartened but after 2 days doing AAM I'd managed to lose another 1lb - I KNOW I shouldn't weigh myself this often but couldn't resist the temptation & this morning I'd put the pound back on :cry:
I feel like a total failure... and I'm sure many of you will agree with me here - when I feel miserable I want to comfort eat!! I'm managing to curb myself to the odd lettuce leaf here & there but I know i'm not allowed it & feel like everything is starting to go wrong. I thought I had this under control but now I feel like food is starting to control me again.
I'm reading this and realising how pathetic it sounds to be so upset over a few bits of lettuce but the portion sizes are there for a reason & if i'm eating more than I should be - I'm jeapordising my chances of losing weight :mad:

Any words of support would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for listening"

Nic x
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Awwww, sorry to hear you're struggling with AAM.

Firstly, well done for just eating a bit extra protein and white veg, it would have been very easy to pick at other stuff!

Is it the fact you've been allowed to eat something that is the problem? Did you get on fine Sole Sourcing?

I know that when I came to AAM I was worried that i'd eat and it'd make me want to binge, so I did the week taking my small amount of chicken and mushrooms and adding it to one of the soups in the blender, so it just came out like a thicker soup. That way I was still getting the extra calories, but I didn't really feel like I was 'eating' them.

I know in the long run i'm going to have to face my portion issues etc, but i just didn't trust myself not to blow it when I was doing so well!


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S: 19st3lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 3st12lb(20.07%)
Hi Gemma

Yeah I managed fine SSing cos I knew I couldn't have ANY food so the temptation to "just have a little bit" wasn't there.

I think I may have got to the bottom of why I've been feeling hungry though... I read the label on the pickled cabbage I've been having and it (quite clearly) states pickled in SWEET vinegar!!! DUH!!! I guess the sugar must have been knocking me out of ketosis and making me feel hungry?

I feel a bit better today as I sort of have an explanation for how I've been feeling & I've just cut the pickled cabbage out of the equation so hopefully I'll start to see an improvement fairly soon?

Luckily I can't have done too much damage as I weighed myself this morning & I'm down to 13 stone 8lbs which is the lowest I've been since doing CD... I think I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday as it'll be time of the month next week? Hormones eh?!!!

Thanks again Gemma

Nic x


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Sorry to hear that you are struggling on AAM, it does sound like the Red cabbage may have had some effect with it having sugar in it, Im glad that you put that on here as I was thinking of having some on my 2nd AAM week so thanks.

For my 2nd aam week (not for another week yet) im just going to do what I did on the 1st one just add it into my soup, i cut it up fine but it still feels like chunky soup but without seeming to be eating as such, just getting used to quanities,.

Hope the rest of the week goes better for you.


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S: 19st3lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 3st12lb(20.07%)
Hi Blitz

Thanks for the advice... only problem is, i'm not very keen on any of the soups really :sigh: I much prefer the hot chocolate or pretty much any of the shakes made into mousse (Yummy!)

I really like the peanut & cranberry crunch bars too, so I've been chopping them into tiny bits and putting them in the freezer for whenever I start to get the munchies, one or two bits keeps me happy & away from temptation!!

Only 2 more AAM days for me to endure... (Like i'm not enjoying eating ha ha!) but I'll be pleased when thursday night comes around & I've managed to survive the whole day on my 3 packs. Then I can relax knowing I can do it!

Nic x


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I know what you mean Nic I wa glad when I ha finshed my AAM week, for how little the quantities are it all seemed like a load of bother, SS is so much easier.

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