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Struggling to eat my points

Taffy Girl

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S: 13st6.5lb C: 12st12.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st8lb(4.24%)
I started last week on Kick Start doing 18pts a day - and got on really well.

This week I am on 21pts a day and am struggling to eat them all.

Saturday I had 19 - Sunday I had 21 (by having a cornetto!) - Monday and Tuesday I have only managed to eat 16.5 each day which means I am now 9 points up.....

I think its partly the heat that makes me not want to have a big evening meal - but I dont really want to just eat a bit of junk for the sake of it to make my points up.

Just wondering if this may affect my weight loss this week?

Any advice?

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Eventually yes it will unfortunatly. WW works because it is a balance of the right amount of calories your body needs to function but lose weight. If you dont get the right amount your body will start thinking its starving and hold onto all the calories you put in therefore making you gain weight.

You can save 4 points a day but they must all be used ny the end of the week. Can you post a typical days menu and we could mayve make some suggestions ?

Taffy Girl

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S: 13st6.5lb C: 12st12.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st8lb(4.24%)
Thanks - I thought as much!
My food diary since I started is in the food diary section - but the last couple of days I have eaten.....

Weetabix minis - 2pts

¼ pint ss Milk – 1pt


Sainsbury’s BGTY L/C Chicken salad sandwich 4.5
Quavers 1 pt

Snack – WW corn snacks - 1


Chicken and veg curry 4.5 pts
home made oven chips - 2.5pts

Snack – 2 x granary bread 2

wafer thin ham 1

40 minute walk with dog

Points – 16.5

Total 4.5 pts saved


25 mins walk

2 x bread 1.5
wafer thin ham 0.5
cheese slice 1

2 x bread 2
salad leaves
prawn cocktail 4

WW tuna pasta bake 4.5

2x date and walnut cake slices 2pts
2 x WW yoghurts toffee/vanilla 1pt

1 hour walk
45 mins walk

Total 16.5 pts
9 points remaining

Today I have had 2 bananas, strawberries and s/s milk for brekkie - so 4.5pts

Any advice welcome!


Silver Member
Can i ask what bread you are using, maybe go for a regular loaf the slices are normally 1.5 points each for them that would make your total a bit higher, or with your lunch try a cereal bar.

You also have a 1/4 pint ss milk in the morning but you dont seem to have allocated yourself anymore through the day, do you not use it in any drinks, i think WW recommends that you use a certain amount of your points for a daily milk intake :confused: i dont have that book to hand to check it out for you but if someone else knows ??
If that is the case and you dont drink hot drinks then try having some more cereal before bed with some fruit in it, weetabix with chopped banan and nuts is nice :D

Taffy Girl

Full Member
S: 13st6.5lb C: 12st12.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st8lb(4.24%)
Thank you - I usually just drink water and black coffee or green/herbal tea - but maybe I could drink a glass of milk.

I had the Kingsmill crustless last week and am now eating the M&S count on us (?wholemeal/granary) - I opted for these as I thought I might struggle on points.... but clearly I'm not!!


Silver Member
Yeah that crustless is a godsend for me lol, i do save a few points in the week sometimes when i can but i know that at the end of the week when my OH is the chef i will definatly use them up, he puts butter and cream in everything and this week we are having risotto on Friday lol ( his way ) and he always does me a man sized portion ;);)

Drinking a glass of milk is a good idea aswell :D
Hi there

As vodaka says not using your points really can affect your weight loss. Changing your bread, eating regular crisps instead of Quavers etc or having a 'non diet' yoghurt can all boost your points a bit without you even trying. Or just treat yourself to something like a bar of chocolate or biscuits with your coffee :) But do eat your full allocation of points :)

Taffy Girl

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S: 13st6.5lb C: 12st12.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st8lb(4.24%)
Thanks for the advice guys - think I may "treat" myself to a Chinese take-away to use up a few!

I had planned my menus for the week but with the heat of the last couple of days I just haven't fancied a roast dinner!!!


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work out @ wot time of the day your hungriest and wrk backwards from then.always planning the night before what your eating the following day...that way you will eat ure points allowance...i alow myslef 18points a day for 6 days (im ment to be on 20!!) then on a sunday (which is the day before my weigh in) i allow myslef to eat what i want...take away ect...as i have 32points to spend on the sunday due to saving 2 a day in the week. ive been losing 3.5 llbs each week so far . and im a gold member who has just had a baby x

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