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Extra Easy Struggling to eat superfrees


Used to be fatter
So I'm ticking along pretty well - 16.5lb in 7 weeks, so I'm more than happy, but I'm struggling to eat 1/3 Superfree with every meal. I'm eating superfrees between meals, but at actual meal time, I'm usual just eating frees, and I'm eating 70 syns over the week.

Thing is - superfrees don't always lend to my meal choices. Like, I made the leek, pea pasta in this month's magazine, so I added green beans, brocolli and chicken, but the veg isn't a third of the meal....

Do you think this is the reason I'm not getting losses above 3lb in one week? I'm not unhappy with my weight loss, just want to make sure I'm getting the best out of following the plan.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing :wave_cry:
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Sounds like you are doing fabulously well. The meal you described sounds like it has quite a bit of veg/superfree in it. Although ideally each meal should be 1/3 superfree it is also ok to just aim for 1/3 of the days intake as superfree (i have heard this from SW head office)

Keep up the good work

Well it certainly isnt hampering your weight loss so i wouldnt worry too much, as ong as you are getting superfrees between your meals.

BTW, was that pasta nice, i saw that and it looked lovely, might try it this week?


Used to be fatter
Thanks ladies - :)

That pasta is bloomin lovely! As I say, I added green beans, brocolli, chicken and some bacon bits, but I didn't add too much stock to the philly cause I wanted a thicker, gloopier sauce. It has fast become a regular in my household now, and reheats ok to take to work for lunch :)
:happy096: i would be veeeeeeeery happy losing 3lb a week and losing more a week is a bit unrealistic slower it comes off longer it stays off or so they say well done on ur loss so far :):bliss:
snap!! I'm exactly the same. I usually manage the one meal with loads of superfree and so far so good.

I feel if I add the superfree at all meals then i am eating for the sake of it especially if i'm having something like porridge in a morning ( I like mine with sweetener not fruit)

Keep up the good work :D


Strutting her stuff
Honestly! 3lb is a fantastic loss - 1 to 2 lbs is what people aim for!
If you struggle with the superfree then try leaving one third of your plate empty instead
I don't always have superfree as one third, especially for breakfast (I cannot abide fruit on cereal), but I always try and pick superfree for between meal snacks, and have loads for dinner, so I think it balances out over the day.

Like the poster above, sometimes I feel like I'm eating more than I want because I'm having to add it.
your weight loss sound pretty go to me!! I'm doing EE too and I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. Maybe I should try that pasta too, as right now I'm averaging 0.5-1 pound per week! 3 pound loss a week would be lovely!
Don't think of the 1/3 as eating for the sake of it, the 1/3 super free is there to limit the portion size that's all so for example instead of having half a plate chicken half potatoes you end up with a third as you have the third superfree which is calorie free but you still get the bulk to fill you up does that make sense? As some one else said best thing to do is to leave a third of you plate free so long as you eating loads of superfree throughout the day! Xx
Ps I'd love to be loosing like you! Your doing really well!

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