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Struggling to get the food in! long, sorry


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I didn't ever think I would find myself typing that lol as last time on SW I over indulged in the free food but this time around I'm really struggling....and I don't know why.

I recently swapped back to SW from WW and I think that subconsciously I'm still thinking in terms of points, I'm drinking loads of water the last few days because I'm not smoking and I think that might be filling me up but the last 2 days I haven't really been following the plan properly, I'm not eating loads of chocs or anything but I'm getting in my HE and a bit of dinner but that's really it. I'm wondering if I'm scared of eating too much because of not smoking and I'm going the opposite way and not eating enough.

Another major problem I have is planning ahead, I really need to give myself a shake and get planning. I'm going to group on Wednesday and I don't expect to have lost anything because I haven't followed the plan correctly for a few days, I'm going anyway because when I start skipping weeks that's when I lose interest and stop going altogether.

I think my main problem is that I drink a few cups of coffee first thing when I get up and that kills my appetite :( I'm not great at having breakfast and need to change that as I find that when I eat in the morning it starts me off for the day lol.

Does anyone have any tips on getting on track...all this free food and I'm not using it :(
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The great thing is that you are recognising what you think the problem might be!
The key (as you said) is planning, so why not set aside 30mins to go through some recipe books/magazines and find some meals that you really look forward to eating.
You'll find some delicious options and that might kick start your motivation again!

Good luck with this weeks weigh in- who knows you might be pleasantly surprised!
Will be thinking of you x
Hi hun, This answer will probs be a long one! Instead of planning day by Iplan some meal ideas for that week so say 8 or 9 breakfast 8 or 9 lunches 8 or 9 dinners, i then im not forced to have someting or tea if i dont feel like it but i know that iv got everything i need for that week. so ive planned so i dont fall off the wagon yet it gives me great flexibility too!

the coffee thing could be part o the problem. I loooooove tea! i can drink gallons! i can have 4 -5 tea pots ull of tea in one day! I find that when i drink alot of tea it makes me feel ull which is great BUT it can make me feel like i dont want to eat. What i sometimes try is having a small glass of fruit before my first pot of tea. it does have to synned but i find that it starts my hunger off, also tea doesnt taste quite as good after a glass of juice!

just a couple of ideas hun!!




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I think it can be quite hard to swap from WW to SW, especially if you have tried SW in the past and not managed to loose the weight. Points become quite ingrained after a bit and are hard to let go of, I think probably because you know they equate to calories and they feel like a safety device which can be hard to leave behind.

I joined about 7 weeks ago, launched into EE and lost 5lbs the first week, as did a friend I met there on my first meeting. Next week I stuck to it and stayed the same for no apparent reason whilst watching friend lose 3lbs, I was gutted. After that I felt I didn't trust SW so was counting points whilst making sure I followed EE and I have done this for a few weeks. My weightloss has continued to be fairly slow but I know it wouldn't be any faster on WW as have stuck to the points. This week I finally feel confident to stop counting points for most of the week and trust SW. I have class to tomorrow so fingers crossed for a decent loss.

I've rambled on for a bit but what I'm trying to say in s long winded way is don't let the points hold you back, make a concious effort to really embrace the whole SW concept. Making lots of new dishes is a great idea and hopefully will get you really motivated focusing on the positives of the plan and fitting in more of the free foods, good luck.
Not going to add much as some great advice here but well done for not smoking, I stopped in Jan and know how hard it is but stick at it and you will beat it and have a life back

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