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Struggling to stick to the plan while I'm depressed


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I have very serious mental health problems which includes depression at points. I've had to try so hard not to comfort eat over the last few days but it's been so hard when I can't see the point of anything in general. I feel like I'm going to slip. I know one slip doesn't sound so bad, but I have an awful upcoming few months. This is really personal so please but gentle about this bit- I have some several anniverseraries from when I was sexually abused as a teenager. And I know I'm to feel awful for many weeks. I feel like if I can't manage to stay on plan already when there is still 2 months of it go, it makes me feel like what's the point and should I give up now as off plan I could easily gain everything I've lost in that time. Esp if I don't feel up to any exercise. I want to cry, I'm still so fat but wanting to eat everything to comfort me. And if I did gain everything back I don't think I would have the willpower to start all over again. :cry:
I'm not really sure what advice I want I guess other people's thoughts on what they would do.
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Hey. Firstly a big hug. I cant even begin to imagine how you must feel. You can stay on track though. You must remind yourself that you've come through everything that happened stronger and better. You continue to grow with each year and you must not let yourself be defined by your past, by something that was out of your control. Try experimenting with new foods, baking etc to keep you focused on the plan rather than just trying to stick to it. The half syn roulade is great to have in the fridge to pick at x

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So sorry to hear about what you are going thru, I have experience in the mental health field and the best advice I could give would be to reach out to whoever supports you, whether that's family, friends or health professionals. Don't struggle on your own, you don't have to go thru this without support be it even talking to someone you can trust.

Take care x x


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You know something that gets me through bad memories is saying to myself
"they may have stolen my past, but they cannot have my future, today is my future"
All those anniversaries coming up need to be planned for, so make dates with friends, plan your menu, plan every hour of the day because YOU are in control.

Be strong darling, look at what you have achieved already xxxx
Aw God I just wanna give you a hug :hug99:

I have no comprehension of what you have been through and the emotional scars you have but I have been though some awful things that haunt me and always will. I don't want to go into it on here but I have also got some anniversary's coming up that just cut me to bits. I also suffer from depression but its not too bad for me.
Its hard to "put the past in the past" as there are some things you can never forget no matter how hard you try. I put on a brave face for years and it all came to a head and I broke in two. But we have to think of our future and how we want our life to be. We deserve to be happy, life is about living and having a happy heart.

The comfort eating I totally understand, its a viscous circle but its time we took control of our lives as other things have been in control of them.

I have a sad day next week, I know I'll be down and emotional mainly with guilt but I rationalise it out, remind myself I can not change decisions I have made in the past and the sh** I've been through has made me a stronger person.

I really hope you feel better soon and pm me if you ever want to talk xxxx


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*big big hugs*

Hopefully you will find comfort in the words already spoken, and I think we're all just saying the same. Dont let this monster(s) ruin all your hard work so far - why do they deserve to carry on hurting you? This is your time now. A big step is knowing whats going to happen. But maybe you'll suprise yourself at how well you cope when the time comes? Im not claiming to know what you're going through, like others have had horrid memories haunt me, and anniversaries of my own. Anniversarys that i thought all I would do would be eating my weight in anything i could find / drinking/ locking myself away... and that has been true for 5 years. This year... I didnt. I didnt plan not too.. I just didnt want to. I went out. by myself...and fed the ducks. Im not saying that you should be alone - perhaps someone you trust can supply the bread? Whatever you decide to do is not the wrong decision, because it is yours. However, don't let it get you to a point of no return if you come of track diet wise, for however long, just think of those weigh ins where you lost the weight. You want those feelings of happiness again. Like has already been said this isnt something you should try to conquer alone, the strongest people are those that admit they need help x

sometimes its easier talking to strangers. People you dont have to see face to face. There are some lovely people on here all of which would be willing to help you in any way we can - My Pm box is always open

you're stronger than you think xxxxxxxxxx


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I don't have wise words but I'm here if you need me.

I too have various mental health problems, including depression. As a child I was abused.

I wish we could all hit over the head with a hammer all those people who have abused us.... but why make them hurt us any more? WE ARE SURVIVORS. They had theri jollies.... NO MORE. We are in control.

Can you think of something else you could do to comfort yourself apart from eating? Maybe a long hot soak in the tub? Playing with a pet?.......

I've said too much..... do PM me if you want.

I wish I could give you a hug and wave a magic wand and make all the hurt go away.... my ears are always open to you.

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog


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Thanks everyone for the replies they are really sweetx


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Just as sweet as what you are!

Sorry I forgot to congratulate you on your 2 stone + loss. That is great!

Judith & Pickle

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