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Struggling today.... :(


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Sounds to me like you might actually be thirsty. Have you tried another glass of water?

If you need to, have the cucumber. It might just be that you only need to taste something 'different' so you might only need a slice or two.

Which... ooh, makes me think that actually, you could try brushing your teeth instead. That often works really well. :)

Why is it that I never remember these things when I get cravings? :confused:
try not to give in ,your doing so well
Good point.

Its such a shame there is no way to get rid of these cravings like on other diets.

Like having something small and '0' points '0' sins etc x


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Maybe. But maybe it's better that we can't. After all, low syn foods or free foods still have calories which all add up. Eating them does affect our weekly loss, however much we try to believe that they don't - they're just 'damage limiters' - better to eat a carrot than a Mars bar. But you could go really wild with your carrot intake, I suppose (hmm, maybe not the best example I could've thought of...).

Okay, better example. :D Mullerlight yogurts are syn free on SW. But they're 100 calories each! Eat a few of those extra per day and you're definitely going make a difference to how much weight you'll lose over the week.

I'm sure you've seen various references to Beck littered across this forum - but this is the stuff that she helps you work on. Cravings aren't emergencies - hunger pangs do go away.

Well worth a read if you can lay your hands on a copy!

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