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Struggling today

Step away from the food ... go get yourself a nice big glass of water and sit somewhere quiet to think about all the reasons you are doing this!!

You've come a long way and 2 days no nibbling is great .... let's make today the 3rd day!! You can do this, you will do this, and I know it's hard, but trust me it's so worth it!! Imagine how disheartened you would be on a foody plan only losing 0.5-1lb per week? It is fast weight loss, you just need to believe in it and yourself and stop the nibbling!!

Chin up chick ...
Thanks hun,
Thats wot I needed to hear, Im not hungry so must be back in ketosis and realy want to have a good loss on mon, want to lose 12 pounds in 2 weeks hope Im not setting myself up for disappointment but hey we shall see.
Anna xx
Hiya Bo, is there anything you can do today to distract you so you won't be thinking about food?
lololol what do you do Bo? I'm off now (just to rub it in) until the 1st October lmao!!!!! Ooo i got weighed today bo....stayed same but is TOTM AND lost 2 inches from my waist :-D
PMSL!! Ho hum ....

That's the spirit girl, you just think you want food, you don't really! By monday I want to hear from you that's it 5 nibble free days in a row for you!! :D

Oooo and try a bit of visualisation of you slim and so happy on a lovely beach on your honeymoon in a bikini, being able to have fit comfortably in the plane seats and of you walking down the aisle in that tiny wedding dress and all the gasps coz you'll look so stunning!!!
oh wow so does that mean you get really good discounts for your wedding jewellery???

Are u excited about your teacher training?
Well i'm at the end of my mental health nurse training course and from 1st October i start my new job as qualified community mental health nurse so i'm really excited :-D
that sounds nice Bo, if its any help there arent any clouds here lol. What flavour shake did you have today?
Ahh i have the tetras for the ease of not having to make them up so i can have them when im out and about visiting clients (sounds wel dodgy doesnt it lol).
So what kind of jewellery is it you make? Is it one of those lovely little shops that make things for you?
id love to work in a jewellery place but id spend all day wearing it lol

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