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Struggling today :-(

Hello everyone, I'm on day 6 now and have found it a bit hard today. Still getting hungry despite drinking loads of water. I've got a rank taste in my mouth so I tried chewing a little bit of fresh parsley. Can anyone tell me if it is allowed on the lipotrim diet?

I think the thing I'm finding hardest is feeding and cooking for my 19 month old daughter. Everything smells so nice and my mouth is constantly watering. I've managed to resist so far though.

I also feel a bit deflated cause I bought some bathroom scales today and couldn't help stepping on them. According to them I've only lost 4lbs so far. Was hoping for a little more. It was towards the end of the day and I have drank a lot but still made me feel a bit rubbish! Hope mt first weigh in on Monday morning gives me a bit of a boost....
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Stick at it! U may only have a small store of glycogen u will prob loose a similar amount most weeks rather than drop to 2 lb a week I'm on day 12 and don't feel hungry anymore xx
Thanks Jembo. When did your hunger ease off? I'm gonna stick at it, I have to!!! Just need a boost to spur me on. How did your first weigh in go Jembo? Xxx
That's amazing! How long did it take to lose 9 stone? I want to lose 6-7 hopefully! Well done on your 7lb loss, that's great! Xxx
I lost it in 8 months ;) best thing ever just got with a new partner straight after and the weight crept on going for meals and stuff but I'm determined to keep it off this time so 3 stone to go x
I sounds like your really determined and that's fantastic! I don't have children but the last time I was on the diet I had friends staying all the time and I did find it strange and difficult cooking for them but honestly keep strong it's so worth it! You'll be amazed how you feel once you get to where your going and you'll soon forget any difficult days - I know I did! Make sure you take time for yourself and remember it'll be so worth it! :D

Tc XxX
It'll be a breeze Hun, that weight will be off in no time! Good luck xxx
Thanks Willow, I am so so determined! Thanks for your encouraging advice! You have done amazing so thanks for the inspiration xxx
You drop a couple of pounds over night usually and you have another day to go so dont get disheartened, even if it was only 4/5 pound it is still a fantastic loss :)
I have a little un as well and i am with you about how hard it is not to nibble as you cook for them, i just try to have a shake while i am making her tea then i wont feel to bad.
Hunger went around 7/8 days for me but to be honest i do still occasionally feel hunger pangs but no where near as often as at the beginning. x
Oh I certainly am sticking to it. I'm so determined! Just waiting for when I'm not going to feel so hungry! First weigh in tomorrow so will hopefully give me a little boost! Thanks for all your advice and support xxxx
I found the last couple of days of my first week really hard but I can promise you week 2 is a different story. Seeing the results of that first, nightmare week on the scales and ketosis settling own make it so much easier.

Stick at it and good luck for weigh in
good luck,i went down to the library while other half have dinner tonight


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Well done Jembo.
Twinkle-cheeks, how did your weigh-in go?

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