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Struggling today....


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Hi all, Im really struggling today and feel really really hungry :(
It doesn't help that I work at Greggs and havt just spent 7 hours surrounded by food knowing i have to spend tomorrow and saturday surrounded by food too!!

Im trying to keep motivated and strong by thinking about my first WI tomorrow aswell as the Summer and all the things I can wear that I couldn't before.

Does anyone else have days where they find themselves struggling?
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Hiya, I am only on day 2 and REALLY struggling today, I have fell out with everyone I have come into contact with today, my other half has even just bought me flowers to try and cheer me up! Im hoping that things can only get better though, it is really hard at the moment though.
I 2nd what mrs lampard said (by the way, Frank is MINE lol). It does get better, I stood in front of a chinese buffet restaurant today AND managed to walk away. I too work with food (I'm a chef) so I know how hard it is. I get my fix by smelling all the food and imagining I've already eaten it. May not work for everyone but seems to help me :) xx


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JH, it DOES get easier after the first week... I can see what a challenge it must be right now, though. Once I was safely in the zone I quite liked cooking & baking for others & also loved breathing in the food aromas... I think once you are settled into a routine and starting to see results on the scales, you'll find it less of a battle. Good luck!
I agree the first week is a challenge........however after the first weigh and seeing the difference quickly it is well worth the challenge.
I just keep focussing on the next weigh in.
I'm at the end of day 2 and i'm struggling big time, had a bad day anyway but was out driving for a few hours, and my o/h has left cooking his tea til i got home in some sort of protest at me doing this i think :( he's said he doesn't want me to change etc and when i said his tea smelled good he started offering me some, saying i shouldn't do ss if it makes me unhappy. But nothing makes me as unhappy as being 7 stone overweight! I've stuck to it and i'm happy within myself for doing it.


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I cant believe you work in greggs, that is something i couldnt do, i would do more than struggle i would fail, you havent it shows your strength i think, you need a humongous pat on the back well done to you, im sure once you see those WI results there will be no stopping you. At this point i love just the smell of food, i dont mind not eating it, i will when im a skinny minny, just for now i sniff. Good luck with your first WI you will be fine.


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thankyou everyone for support, got my first WI at 6.30 today so good luck to me lol will report back asap lol im excited :)


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Good luck honey! Let us know how you get on.

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