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struggling with Fruit...

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Moroda, 7 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. Moroda

    Moroda Full Member

    I may sound like a 5 year old now, but I really struggle to eat fruit.

    I don't mind apples and sometimes bananas, but I get a really weird sensation in my throat after eating them. It's as if my throat gets really dry, itchy and sticky which is really uncomfortable.

    I have tried home made smoothies but it's the exact same. The only other time I get this sensation is with my hayfever, so I'm wondering if it is some sort of allergy or just me being obstructive putting something healthy in my body!!!

    I don't eat any salad (disgusting) and I only eat veg when it's been boiled to an inch of it's life to make it super soft! So not much healthy items in me!!!
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  3. Emmaline

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    Hi Moroda, You are not alone in that problem, my son is exactly the same in fact any fruit makes his mouth break out in ulcers.
    Do you think that a visit to your doctors would be advisable? Other than that perhaps you should be taking some vitamins especially B6 which helps the nervous system.

    Eat what you can and try to persevere as it is good for you. Have you tried some of the more "unusual" fruits like blueberries etc.?

    All the very best to you...:)
  4. Lots of people have fruit allergies. And you don't have to eat fruit if you don't want to, or can't - it's not compulsory.

    I am curious to know why you say salad is disgusting. All sorts of things can go into a salad, and they are all so different. Is it lettuce that you don't like? Or just cold food in general?
  5. Moroda

    Moroda Full Member

    It's mainly the texture and taste. My girlfriend had tried several types with different dressings but I think it's the textures with the taste that comes out...

    I do eat beetroot though! Lol

    Thanks for the advice, I want to try fruit as it's healthy. May look it up or see the doc to see if there is anything they can suggest
  6. The taste and texture of say, lettuce, is totally different from that of a tomato, or a red pepper, or a cucumber. Then there is fennel, celery, raw mushrooms, etc., etc.

    Maybe it is the dressings that are the problem - I hate salad dressings, and have my salads plain or with a little oil or a little lemon/lime juice.

    I am not suggesting that you eat something you don't like - we all have different preferences and I am not saying you aren't entitled to yours!

    It is just that I get puzzled when people say they don't like salad when the individual ingredients are all so different.
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