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Struggling with syns


One last chance
You should have some syns, especially starting off, as if your weight loss stalls at some point you might drop some syns to kick start your losses again.
They don't have to be used on chocolate and crisps, use them on sauces, extra cheese etc if you don't want more 'naughty' type stuff.
I wouldn't think you would gain weight without them, its just you won't have anything to cut back on nearer your goal. Could you maybe use them in cooking, or drink whole milk instead of semi, have a bit of cheese syned on your lunch/dinner in an omelette etc. There are ways you could get them in if you looked at your food, even if you go from fat free yogurts to an ordinary one to use them.


One last chance
I see, guys. Maybe I'll have some fish or something since I'm on a green day :)


I want to be fitter again
I see, guys. Maybe I'll have some fish or something since I'm on a green day :)
I often do that on a green day i will weigh out another 28 or 56gms of fish or meat if I am particularly hungry. Pesto is a good syn tp use with pasta Or an avocado yummy xx
Not having enough syns can certainly slow down your losses. If your body doesn't get enough calories it will try to hold on to what it has. A lady who started SW the same time as me was having much smaller losses than me even though she was being very good. However it turned out that she was having hardly any syns and it was only when she increased them that her losses improved.

It seems crazy, but too few syns can stop your weight loss. Try to have at least five each day.
Was going to say what Teresa just said!

SW is all about having a balanced diet, and fats and sugars are just as important in a balanced diet as carbohydrate and protein. Without it, you risk your body going into 'starvation' mode, and you will see considerably smaller losses.

You don't have to have things like a bar of chocolate - you could have an extra slice of bread, some tinned fruit, extra meat or fish if you're on green, the list goes on...

Hope that helps a bit.
Sometimes I have some almonds or some olive oil or cheese, if I haven't used them all up. When I joined SW a few years ago I wasn't eating my syns thinking it would make me lose quicker, I was good all week, then at weigh in I didn't lose. My consultant checked my diary and told me to use up my syns, and funnily enough the following week I had a good loss. Weird!!

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