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Struggling with terrible indigestion :(

It hurts SO bad. I have never suffered from indigestion before and I can't take the pain! :(
Please can anyone tell me if I can take anything that won't kick me out of ketosis on LL?
My counsellor is on holiday until Tues and my class is Weds. last week I asked the lady covering and she just didn't know?!?!?!
Help, I feel so awful!
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Are you constipated? (personal I know!). I found that when I was indigestion was bad but when I wasnt it was better so now take dulcolax every other day. Also found that pacing my packs (9,1,4 & 9) helped and when I left it too long I got indigestion....worth a try!


Not dieting ATM!
Drinking peppermint tea can help. Not sure about medicines. A CDC will be along with that information before long.

Dizzy x


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It hurts SO bad. I have never suffered from indigestion before and I can't take the pain! :(
Please can anyone tell me if I can take anything that won't kick me out of ketosis on LL?
My counsellor is on holiday until Tues and my class is Weds. last week I asked the lady covering and she just didn't know?!?!?!
Help, I feel so awful!
I had agonising indigestion a week or so ago, right under my rib cage, never realised it could be so painful. I couldn't get comfortable lying down or sitting up but not sure whether it was allowed but to be honest it was so painful i couldn't have cared less so i used peppermint tea and deflatine to get rid of it.
I suffered from acid reflux when I first started foundation and I was told I could take Gaviscon Liquid. My LCC checked with headoffice.
hth, Lx
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has started again!!
Are you using the chicken packs? i am on LL & the chicken is apparently notorious for acid heartburn. I suffered too so gave them up.

I agree mint tea is a great one for calming things down too.

Hope you feel better soon.
Hi everyone

Thanks for your replies. Its still really really bad, I'm in agony over it at least 3-4 times per day :(

Finally got hold of my LL counsellor who is back from her holiday. She rang LL headquarters and said I could take original gaviscon tablets / sweet things. Can't find them anywhere! The flavoured choices seem to be more popular now-a-days and I can't take those.

So I took something called Gavilast which is more like a tablet you swallow than eat / chew. It did the trick but I'm conscious that's not the answer. I don't know if there is something wrong with me? or whether the packs aren't agreeing with me?

Going to try and see the Doctor soon...

Thanks for all of your replies.

Joo xxx
Another update... literally a few minutes after writing my last post my indigestion came back with a vengance, was utterly utterly awful I had no choice to take another gavilast tablet. They say a maximum of 2 tablets in 24hrs. I can't continually take tablets and gaviscon remedies. I don't know what to do. I can't take another 11 weeks of this. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.

I rang the LL helpline and the chap there said I can try; sipping warm water before and after having a pack / bar, having a large glass of water before and after having a pack / bar, taking gaviscon original (he said I can have either the syrup or the sweet form) or splitting the packs down so I have 8 per day. All of these are great but they’re not doing anything at all so far. He said it does sound like I’m suffering a lot more than he’s ever known before and so recommended I try and see my Doctor ASAP. Surprise surprise I can’t get hold of my Doctor! Taking 8 packs per day isn’t an option for me either.

Part of me wonders if I’m making too big a deal of it and maybe there is a voice somewhere inside me that is hoping someone will tell me to come off the programme (which I don’t want to as I’m doing well and can see the future with me slimmer in it) – its better to come off the programme for medical reasons as oppose to me just failing isn’t it – that might be what my head is really thinking? But then part of me is in absolute agony and knows I can’t carry on like this for the next 11 weeks. In my opinion, gaviscon tablets and such like are not the answer. There must be a reason why I’m suffering with it so badly.

Feel terrible.

Joo xxx
Hun - are you having any of the water flavourings? I know when I was on LL, I got acid indigestion using them.

There might be something in the packs that you're reacting to? Could you be lactose intolerant?

I know on CD, we have lactose free packs - can't remember if LL do or not, but it might be worth investigating?

Hope you feel better soon!

Just spoken to the Doctor. She doesn’t know enough about LL to be able to help me.
She’s happy to see me but not sure what it will achieve.
She said I could be intolerant to something in the packs and that’s what’s causing it but unless I stop them to see if it eases off, she won’t know.
She said it sounds like I am fermenting too much acid or air or something, I can’t remember exactly.

So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I continue to put up with the misery this is causing me and lose the weight or do I stop losing the weight?

Life is never easy is it. Just when I thought I was finally getting somewhere with my weight, something gets in the way.
Can you ask your LLC if LL have lactose free packs? Then you could try them to see if your symptoms ease?

Other than that - I think your GP can run tests to see if you're lactose intolerant but they might not be available on the NHS.

It would be a terrible shame to give up on the diet because of this - and I normally wouldn't deliberately try to get people to switch to CD, but it might be the way forward for you as you could try the lactose free soups.

Okay, I will probably be highly unpopular for raising this, but gallstones are a possibilty here. I know, because a week ago on Saturday I was taken to A&E in agony, and have since had a scan showing I have several stones. The Dr in A&E suspected this, once a heart attack (gulp!) had been ruled out. The pain was very bad, I've had 2 ectopics and given birth, so reckon I know pain when I meet it.

Gallstones are associated with a change in diet, and also with VLCD's, though this is somewhat controversial, not least on this forum, which is why I suspect I won't be too popular now!

But it seems to me that if your pain is not being relieved by antacids etc and has been going on for some time, maybe you should check again with your GP. Also maybe do some research and see if your symptoms match gallstone attack ones? Just my thoughts.........

its the water flavourings and I can finally say that with confidence!

I have been suffereing terribly and tried everything. Last week I ran out of water flavouring and never clicked, it was still there but got way less by end of week. Weekend I had none - still never clicked. Tonight I get weighed, have two glasses of water with the flavouring and now I am back with chronic indigestion - I was like you only had them in the evenings etc but I had exactly the same - give it up completely and see if it helps.
im on lipotrim andd suffered badly from pain under my rib cage , i straight away thought gallstones , a week or 2 ago the pain was at its worst and i went doctors about it she said its prob not gallstones as the pain would be in the right hand side of the tummy , however it is probalby acid in the tummy and its wrenching up thru to the throat .

talk to ur ll advisors asap girls , they are there to make sure ur ok with these diets .

best of luck my thoughts are with u xxx
Thanks Sammy, I'll try that then. I didn't have any at all yesterday and by the time I arrived home at 6pm all of my indigestion had gone, helped possibly by a trip to my friend the toilet?!

So far today I feel really well, I had my first ever fake bake last night, so feel gorgeous actually!

Fingers crossed in an hour or so the indigestion doesn't come back from my 'breakfast' pack.

At least if it is the flavouring, I can just stop having it. My worry was it it the packs and bars causing it so we'll see...

SM, I'll give some thought to what you said. Are gallstones hereditarty? My Mum had them before that's all. She also has acid reflux and something to do with a Hernia that makes her get bad heartburn and feeling sick all the time, as the acid from her tummy etc. keeps going back into her throat. Something like that anyway. She's on tablets now and is much better and had her gallstones removed ages ago.
If removing the flavouring doesn't help, I'm going to try and see my Doctor ASAP.

Thank you everyone for keeping me so positive throughout this. I'm sure I'd have failed by now if I didn't keep coming back to see new messages about how I can sort it out!

Joo xxx
Hi Joo,
My GP said there does appear to be a hereditary aspect to gallstones. Glad you are feeling better and hope you've solved the problem. Good luck with the diet.

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