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Working Solutions struggling with the 3 packs a day


Will be a skinny mini!
Make a shake really thick, using not much water and put it in the freezer for a little while. It becomes like custard and makes a nice desert. Or have a hot chocolate before bed.


Will be a skinny mini!
Ohhh you can have them hot? Im really struggling with what drinks i can have too, also what i can have with my Main meal chicken salads are getting a bit boring lol
When I was on Cambridge I use to do chicken, with a few mushrooms (not sure if Exante allows the same) chopped up and tossed in some curry powder then microwaved for 6 mins. Lovely chicken curry...kinda of.
Or tuna mixed with a bit of no fat yoghurt and herbs and spices and celery.


Will be a skinny mini!
Its hard to know exactly what i can eat and what i cant there isn't really anywhere that states it, rather frustrating really but Im gonna give on of the shakes a go hot in a mo x


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Hi mrsjoyce Im on ws too. Are you trying to get into ketosis? Im not so I just have whatever I like for dinner as long as its not over 400 cals x


Will be a skinny mini!
Yeah Im hopefully in ketsois now as its my 5th day tommorow, just really wanted to know guidelines of what i can eat and drink


Will be a skinny mini!
Hi star Im new to the site what's a sticky could u point me in the right direction?


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The sticky threads are the posts in the top section of the forum. If you're looking at this on a phone / ipad, you'll probably see a separate tab at the top marked stickies, and they'll be in there.

Sticky threads are ones that are marked to keep them at the top so they're easy to find, even if noone's commented on them for ages. It's worth having a read of the sticky threads as there's some useful information in there (as well as the weigh-in and challenge threads if you want to set some goals :) )

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