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struggling !!

Hi everyone ....new to all this ! im on week 3 and starting to struggle ! lost 10lb first week and 7lb last week , but these last few days have been tough ! got my weigh in on Monday. I am due a period and wondered if this was the reason. Had a nibble at a few things tonight and feel so guilty now ! Holidays in 20 days so worried about eating again for that to !! Any advise much appreciated ! Thanks xx :cry:
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Hi Horses!

Sorry you're struggling. You've lost 17lbs in 14days ... is that not worth a little discomfort? You need to pack in the nibbling, you'll undo a lot of your hard work if you eat - especially depending on what you eat too! Your wobble could well be because of totm, but you know this will pass. Feel the cravings but don't give in to them - you don't have to - they will pass anyway.

If you're going away in 20 days you need to refeed at the latest starting in 13 days anyway. Can't you stay strong just for that tiny bit longer? You'll be so pleased with the results and so proud of yourself if you do.

Come on .... you can do it!

One suggestion ... you've posted this in the Maintenance section of the forum. If you post again in the main part of the Lipotrim forum you'll find lots more people will see it and be able to offer you support. If you go to the very top of the page to the left of your name you can see the stages there are in getting to this thread from 'Minimins.com' to 'struggling' - click on 'Lipotrim Forum' and when you get there 'new thread' ...

Best of luck .. xx


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hi alot of people struggled in week 3 and totm will affect u 2, so keep with it, will be worth it, keep thinking of your new figure on hols ! :)
No more nibbling, naughty!

Seriously, as nicolas says, people do sometimes struggle over the first 2/3 weeks - i guess it's your body getting used to the surprise change in eating habits, as well as our minds getting used to settling into the pattern of not scoffing :)

YOu've done great so far though - think of the big picture and your overall loss which is phenomenal. Maybe to focus your mind you could, if you haven't already, think of some mini milestones and non food related treats for different points in your weight loss journey.

As for getting your period, yes it may be harder than the average week - your losses may be less, you may stay the same, you may even in rare cases put on weight. NOt saying that to worry you, as it will even itself out the next week, but just to let you know it's *possible*.


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Keep away from the nibbles. It's only for a short time. You can do it, and it will be worth it.
Good luck with the rest of your week.
STOP the nibbling it is a very slippery slope believe me....

I struggled in wk3 and again in wk10, if you keep yourself busy or your mind active you will get through these bouts of wanting something to eat. Go outside, get up and move away from the temptation or the kitchen lol, it will pass and then you can feel so proud of yourself for working through it.

The results will be well worth fighting the bouts of wanting to eat until you reach goal. Good luck xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Horses

I cant really add much more...It has all been said on here.

My experience is that I struggled on Wk 3, only momentarily, but it was enough to give me a shock! I wasnt hungry, or craving, It just happened so suddenly!!! My weight loss that week wasnt brill, but it really did frighten me.

I always say, remember the feelings you have right now! How do they make you feel...no doubt pretty miserable..well, it will get worse if you dont stop!!!!! Nip it in the bud now and get your positivity back and remember, you can do this. You will be re-feeding soon, and if you can keep yourself in check before then, you will be ok once you re-feed and if you want to come back on TFR afterwards.

No matter what we all say, it is up to you! And, I would strongly recommend you really take stock and realise you have done so well in such a short time and stupid to through it all away for some food, which will be there always.

Take care and hope you make the right decision.


Positivity is the key
Hope you are feeling better today and the need to nibble has passed. You have done so well up to now, just put this patch behind you and get back on the programme full time. You have seen what great results you can get and remember you are worth it.
Best of luck

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
Dont cave in , I struggled on week 3 and caved in. Hang on in there it will pass :)
Thankyou all of you ! up until reading this i thought i'd blown it all !! going to get a grip now ! im so suprised by all your responses thankyou everone xxx :) ive just had a glass of wine and gone out to my horses feeling very sorry for myself ....going to make a big effort now to get on with it ! xx


I will be skinny again!!!

Its soooooooooo dangerous!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh, whatever you do, like Chelly says, dont drink.....it is very dangerous.....there is a thread on the forum regarding drinking..have a read at it, but for your own health, lay off the wine whilst you are on LT..not recommended at all!
ok will do !! thanks .....was feelin very sorry for myself !! will get back on track tomorrow ...not gud i know but im sure uve all been there ! and im sure you will all help me through !!!! xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh, no doubt, Horses, we have gone through the same...it is mind over matter at the beginning.....but you will get there in the end.

Just forget the blip and look to the future! No time for regrets....you will learn..

I am always saying on here..that horrid feeling you have at the minute,,,,bottle it and remember it when you want to cheat! It isnt a nice feeling....so, it is best to remember how it made you feel. Sorry for yourself, etc....you can do it, stay positive and remember, before you know it, you will be stones lighter and wonder where on earth the time went! Unfortunately, it is a time thing...and you need to give it time and the weight will fall off...fast, but still you need time..one day at a time!

Hang in there and keep coming on just to keep your mind postive and to help you.

Take care


I will be skinny again!!!
Your welcome!!

Good luck, you can do it :) xxx

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