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I'm really find it difficult to keep going at present - don't understand why - just want to eat - suspect I'm out of ketosis because of picking - weigh in tomorrow don't expect to have lost. Bit weepy too - something to do maybe with thinking about who this 'me' will be when I'm six stone less - its like a stranger. Ah well, enough said - just needed to say it!!
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I hope your feeling better. I know it's sounds like were lecturing you but honestly this diet is so much easyier if you don't pick even if it didn't affect your weight loss. Don't beat your self upnabout it just move on to your next week on lt in a positive manner. You've done so well to get this far so you can do it. As for the new you you will still be the same person just a slimmer one. Don't worry about anything and take each day as it comes.

Good luck tomorow you'll bee fine

Kaz x


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Hope you're feeling better soon.

Picking is not the answer don't look too far ahead. Each day you get through is a victory one day at a time is all we can do. Before you know it you will have had lots of little victories xx


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Just remind yourself why you're on Lipotrim, and also remind yourself you wasn't forced on it against your will - it was your own decision!

Don't look at LT as though it's restricting your life, instead tell yourself that before LT your life was ALREADY restricted, and LT is your chance to open doors and improve your quality of life substantially!

Don't think about the past, look to the future!
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The worst thing about being on a diet is feeling that you are restricting yourself and when you start picking that feeling turns into guilt that you messed up, which only results in more picking. I'm an expert on this... Just imagine how good you are going to feel lighter and keep smiling:)


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Thank you all so much for your encouragement I really appreciate it. Feelings are like the weather aren't they? I'm feeling fine again n ow, picking has stopped. Lost two pounds last week - better than nothing!


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Glad you're feeling better Annes, and very glad the picking has stopped!! Stick with it 100% lovie - you know it works if you do.
2lbs gone forever!! Celebrate with a fizzy water.


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