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Hi Im new to this site as I was looking for somewhere to get advice on how to get motivated, I was going to sw, then my mum passed away, now I have hit a major depression and can't get motivated to lose weight. I suffer from arthritis and the excess weight is killing me but still can't do it. I even bought a 12 week countdown to see if that would work but it is going to waste as I just haven't been to class. Oh forgot to say I have gained almost 2st since mum passed away. Soz post is so long but HELP someone please!!!!!
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The Moog

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I'm sure others will be along soon with better advice than I can give.

I just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your mum, and what you're going through now is very, very understandable. I'd be surprised if your motivation was ok with all the emotions running around inside you.

Can you forget about even thinking about dieting until New Year? A new year and a fresh start? Clear the cupboards of anything tempting, get shopping delivered so you're not tempted in the store and (above all else) try and get to the classes. It's hard when you're depressed, but it will help.

Little steps and celebrate every achievement - because you'll be doing a good job!
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I am sorry to hear of your loss and you have reason to have gained the weight so do not be too hard on yourself. Some of us lose weight in times of need and others like me tend to pile it on. We are all different. I agree with the moog in relation to a new fresh start in the new year and to just not think too much about dieting at the moment but instead to just be aware of what youre eating.
You mentioned your joints and I only know too well that the extra weight can affect your joints. Might it be worth a trip to the gp to see if she/he can refer you for physio so that you can manage some of the exercises taht are appropriate for you at home. Motivation comes and goes but once it comes back try your hardest to not let it go. Even if the classes cant motivate you at present, at least thats an hour of distraction away from food and perhaps even away from your worries so do try and make yourself go to the classes. I can only diet when I have cleared the cupboards. If you have family then easier said than done. Go and speak with your gp in terms of your emotional well being. The fact that you are able to recognise how the loss of your mum is affecting you I guess is a good sign and its only when your recognise the issues that you can then take steps to deal with them. take care x
S: 14st12lb C: 14st8lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st4lb(1.92%)
ps never worry about the length of your posts - take as much space as you need and I can assure you your post is short and that is something you shouldnt worry about. x


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Sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and the effect it is having on you. I have been suffering from depression for about a year now but started going to Slimming World a few months ago and I have found going to class has been a huge help to me. It was very difficult taking that first step.
As others have said perhaps you could have a fresh start in the New Year.


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