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S: 19st9lb
Hi all! I've never been less hungry in my entire life but I've really been struggling the last few days. It's like this mental hungar for junk food, pizza, pasties everything bad!! Last night I stayed in work till 12am getting stuff done but mainly because I find my weekends are now empty:( all my friends are out pubbing and clubbing and I was so close to ordering pizza on the way home!! I made the chicken soup with two packets because I'd forgotten to take one during the day and then felt great again.
I don't know, part of me KNOWS i wont quit but I'm still struggling sometimes:(
It's weird though because it's all in my head, it's not actual hunger at all. The weekends are soooo boring now too which doesn't help.
Also this site keeps me sooo motivated but I don't get a chance during the week to come on, this could be adding to it.

Sorry for the moan but just needed to get it off my chest!

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hey! i feel the same im not hungry but craving mc donalda pizza n stuff! on day 4 now what day u on?
S: 19st9lb
Day 7 today, I got weighed yesterday and lost 8bls but I think my pharmacists reaction threw me off kilter. She was just saying "ah that's ok" but I'd initially been thrilled! Yeah I'm craving all that stuff too! It just proves how bad my eating habits got, it got to the stage I was only eating take aways etc!
How are you finging it? Day5 and after are physicly the best days. I'm just a bit down cos it just hit home that my social life is out the window for a while!
S: 12st11lb C: 8st13lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 22.9 Loss: 3st12lb(30.17%)
never realised how much i spent on fast food!have nothin to spend my money on hahah!!! how come day five and after is better.
You should be well into ketosis by day 5 and then you will be rocking. Loads of energy, no hunger (except in your head) and a general feeling of wellbeing. Keep up the good work hun xx
know how u feel daisy. day 4 was by far the worst day for me even made a sanrnie but somehow managed to bin it and ave a chik soup. feel so better 2day. still got that hunger thing in my head but keep tellin myself how fab im gona look in the summer and family/friends reaction wen they see me all nice n thin. Hang in there. how long u doin this for? :)


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:grouphugg:Hi Daisy,

Sorry to hear your struggling a bit just now and I can fully understand if your Chemist was not very supportive would trow you off kilter.

Well let me tell you 8lbs. is excellent!!!:clap::clap::clap:

Many on all different forms of vlcd's only ever lose between 5lb to 8lb in the first week.

Yes! you do have those who have lost anything up to 17lb, but they are not the majority.

It all depends on so many variables.

Your body will go into a pattern of weight loss that is unique to you and it really does not help to compare yourself to others, even though we all do tend to do this.

Weekends are very difficult as the weekly routine during the week is very much structured.

Be very proud of yourself for sticking to your diet for the week and having lost 8lb.:happy096:

That is over half a stone and I don't know of any other diet where you can lose that much in one week:confused:

Love Mini xxx
Aww Daisy, sorry you are feeling down. :( 8lb is brilliant!! The chemist started trying to make excuses for me when the scales said 6lb and I had to stop her and say frankly I don't care if other people have lost more, 6lb is a small newborn baby and that's a lot of weight! Even if it had only been a pound I would have been happy (not quite so happy as 6lb but glass is always half full! ;) ) because it would be a pound I no longer own, a pound closer to my target weight and a pound that is no longer putting pressure on my heart and other internal organs. In the scheme of things, it seems just a little bit but it is still that little bit closer.

Hope this evening will be much better and tomorrow even moer so. :)

Big hugs xxx
S: 19st9lb
Aw I feel loads better, thanks everyone!!
Think i've really just been spacing out my shakes way too far cos I forget about them. You're all right, 8bls is over half a stone and I actually went in hoping to lose about 5bls!
A new born baby Julie that's great!! I must think of that in future!! Thanks, xxx. How's everyone?

weekends don't have to be boring! find a new hobby, like a dance class or something that way you have something new and fun to look forward to!


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G: 12st0lb
It truly is unbelievable what bad habits we get into, when I was doing lipotrim after just over a week the hunger had disappeared and was feeling great. I think boredom and habits are our main threats......I started to come on here more, go in the arcade, go for walks or go and see a friend who was also dieting.......

Hope you do well as Im sure you will, good luck and keep us updated
Just remember too, all processed foods are addictive. The manufacturers make them that way so we'll keep on buying them. In effect, you are giving up drugs. That is why you are fighting the cravings so much: and food is a far more acceptable and accessible drug than any narcotic.

Eight pounds is a great loss anyway. I lost eight, my daughter lost nine. I'm more active than she is, and I'm also heavier, but she lost more.

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