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I started 2 weeks ago, lost 9lb in the first week and then all this week have totally messed up - I wasnt well so ate, then it was my twins birthday so I ate and then my own birthday so yes you guessed it I ate!!:eek:

I bet i have put that 9lb back on:cry:

I am now starting from scratch - going to see my CDC tomorrow and I am not handing over money to waste it by not sticking to the diet!!:sigh:

so far today I have had my first litre of water - I am even sitting here thinking that the cat litter tray really needs changed and the smell is turning my stomach so considering NOT changing it quite yet to keep the awful nauseating smell!!;)

I really need to lose a lot of weight as I am in pain every day and hopefully losing weight will encourage the docs to give me the op I badly need - and I also have 2 slipped discs so it wil help that too!!

dont really know why i am posting this I guess I just need a kick up the bum to help me along!!
Don't worry about the past and what damage has been done as you can not change it.

Go and see your CDC and start afresh and any weight you have gained will soon be gone.

This diet is hard and I have my little girls 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks and I am dreading it as having a buffet for the family and I know there will be so much temptation.

We are all human and slip up but its not giving up that is the main thing.:)
Hi Wendy!

You poor thing! I know exactly how you's so good at the time eating all the nice "forbidden" feel good!.....then comes the morning after....gulilt sets in and you feel like a think to yourself that you are never going to get back on the program!! This is where you have to change your way of thinking!! You can do it and you wont let the food win!! Be in control....think how fantastic you will feel being slim!! I know you can do it wendy, keep busy and keep your goal in mind!

Good Luck hun!!

Ah I sympathise with you, it is so hard once you fall off the wagon to get yourself to stop picking. I have been very close to temptation this morning but I remember why I want to lose weight and how much easier it will be to get round.

Also I want to join in with my boys in swimming, fair rides etc and even to be able to keep up with dh and boys when out walking.

WE CAN AND WILL DO IT........!:)
Hi Wendy

Take a deep breath and take another run at it. What's past is past - time moves forward and so must we.

Look at your signature again .... '2007 is going to be my year' - use that thought to bolster you up when you feel weak. This WILL be your year and YOU are the only one who can make it happen.

Go back to your CDC, get your stubborn head on and resolve NOT to use ANY events, occasions etc an excuse to fall off the wagon.

Think about the tasty nibbles you ate - think about how you feel now ... were they REALLY worth the grief you're giving yourself? A few moments in the mouth and then days and days of feeling cr@p?

It's my birthday tomorrow and in my house we always have a birthday cake - even for the adults. I will be blowing the candles out but I refuse to have any cake - my 'treat' to myself will be a slimmer, healthier body. I won't be having any nibbles either - I want to be slim so desperately that a picnic egg simply doesn't stand up in comparison! ;)

You CAN do this Wendy! Keep us posted.
Start a diary thread Wendy .... it might be the motivation to help you stick to this.

It really is hard - so don't beat yourself up and take another go at it.

Good luck!
As already said what's done is done & there's no point beating yourself up about it. Think of all the reason's why you want to lose this weight, write them done & believe that you can and will do it. Keep moving forward, go back & see your CDC & know that by sticking to it those 9lbs will be soon be off again.

Take care, stay focused & let us know how you get on
Put last week behind you and restart again and focus on why you want to loose the weight. I dont know what your main reason is ??? Mine is to lower my blood pressure and get rid of the tablets., when I feel down I keep thinking of this
you will do better next week. You can do it