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I am really really struggling, I have rung my daughter and husband in tears because I am so unhappy, I have managed a whole week on this diet but knowing I have another 3 months at least is depressing me so much, I am not even sure I can manage another day, well actually I will as I cannot imagine eating anything either, but I am sitting here crying because this diet is making me so unhappy. Before I started this I was on a low carb diet and thought I wasn't really losing weight, but last weekend I realised I must have been losing inches as I went down 2 sizes in jeans, and now I am thinking I have made a big mistake and should just go back on my low carb diet.... but I hate to fail and feel that giving up this after 1 week is failing big time, plus i would be stupid to trade in a fast weight loss for a smaller weightloss, but then I would probably be happier and I just dont know what to do...
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Please dont get upset!! You can do it!! take a deep breath, drink a glass of water and try and find something to occupy your mind (Read a book, do some housework, go for a walk) you'll feel so proud at the end of the week and you are 2lb from HALF A STONE! chin up! xxxx


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First you need to feel happy , which your not , see how you feel by the end of the day , sorry your in tears , I guess you are feeling unhappy more so because you can't reach for food like you normaly would .
And don't set yourself to high targets , if you have to go back to low carb go for it , its you that needs to feel happy and never mind others
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Oh gosh hun :hug99: I'll add something to that last message I did on the other thread.

And do a diet that you are happy doing!

Cambridge is a fab diet, but pros have to outweight the cons for you.

Of course, you can turn your head around and enjoy CD, by focusing on how fab the weightlosses are, how great it is to have control, not have to plan meals or buy extras. To know exactly what you can have and that it will mean a weightloss.

Or, you can focus on how you don't get to eat :( How choices are limited :( etc.

Just as you get to choose which diet will suit you better, you also get to choose whether you will focus on the pros or negs from it.

So, whichever way you go, whether low carb, CD or even not dieting at all, choose to be happy :hug99:
Thanks, I have decided to keep going until WI on Wednesday and then decide when my CDC is here so I can discuss it with her, someone else has also said that at day 10 it all clicked into place, so I will hang on in there... thank you for your comments, they have really helped.


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Greeneyes, I think the advice here is good... stick it out a little while longer if you can, you're on day 5 and that is the hardest bit, truly! Things really do start to get easier once you settle into the zone and see the weight begin to drop, so make sure you make any big decisions for the right reasons - and remember that the first few days of Cd can make you feel emotional.

As KD says, you can choose to be happy and look for the positives, so do that - and if in the end you decide that CD is not for you, you'll at least know you gave it a fair trial. Hugs.


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someone else has also said that at day 10 it all clicked into place, so I will hang on in there... thank you for your comments, they have really helped.
Who told you it clicked on day 10? I would like to give them a rep :D

I forgot you were in the early days of CD. It certainly can feel rough, but well worth sticking it out for a little longer.


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Hey hon ..
Just wanted to say..... I think you are making the right decision to stick with it until you chat with your councellor..

I personally found day 3 and 4 the hardest... but managed to get through them and I am now on week 8.... and when I started reading this I was so jealous of people that were on alot further weeks as wanted to be there myself..

It is a hard diet but...... its so worth it in the end when you see the results...

Chin up hon you can do it.. but if for any reason you decide you want to go back to doing a low calorie diet then dont feel like a failure... there is a diet out there for everyone..

Good luck and chin up xxx
Thank you everyone, I am feeling a lot more positive this evening, and determined now to carry on and its all thanks to everyones comments and encouragements. This is day 8 for me and I thought it would be easier, but I guess it is different for everyone. My counsellor did say that I could try 810 if I am really struggling, but I am determined now to see it through, I think also that as it is nearly my time of the month, that hasn't helped with my emotions... so I have lifted my chin up and will march on......
Thank you everyone...
In the first week, I understand that much of the loss is down to burning off the glycogen stores + water and that accounts for others larger losses in the first week. As you were already on a low carb diet prior to starting CD you probably had no glycogen or very little, so try not to compare to others first weigh-in's. What you have lost in 5 days is fantastic and is probably equivalent to week 2/3 for some (if not a greater loss). So stick with it, as it does get easier, you're doing great.

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