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I feel like I am struggling and my head is telling me I am bored with the flavours. Is this my chatterbox?

I have tried the recipes to add variety, but also got bored with them. I'm in development and still have some way to go. But the group is shattering, people leaving, people going onto maintenance. There were two in the group last week and one of them was me. Is my 'boredom' a mental reaction to this.:sigh:

I needed to get this out, write down how I feel, I know thought record. But also I would really welcome any feedback from you all.

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Hang in there..

Remind yourself of the end result.

It is not worth falling off the wagon...The packs might not be a nice meal...just think of the end result and of how much you are going to lose!! Hang in there!!
I hear ya :(

But ppl here are just magnificent...we will support you!

let me know how you're getting on..
It is really good to get things down and out of your system. Not surprised you are bored - of the food, of the same people, of the monotony. But then - think of the exciting new and different clothes you will wear, the people you will meet, the places you will go (looking fabulous of course)... then it may become less boring!

We wish you all the best, really really and truly.
I agree with the gals here! I think about how I will look at the end and surprising my family who live overseas! Can't wait to shop for new clothes and looking good this summer!!!!

Right now, I am cooking for my husband - for the first time since I started LL 11 days ago. I try not to think too much about it!

Keep strong...!

Donna x
Hang in there! No wonder yu are having a wobble - your support is changing with the dissapation of the group and it must be unsettling as you've all come to rely on each other. Plus you are staying on so may feel demotvated as others seem to be "promoted" while you are left "behind" which also makes you feel cack...as suggested try & focus on the goal ahead & give yourself a huge pat on the back for coming so far. Can you tret yourself to a nce bath, you time doing nails or ask you oh to give you a nice massage!!


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I know exactly how you feel. I am in development and some of my foundation group who were bigger than me are now smaller and nearly ready to go on to maintenance. I feel mad with myself that I can't seem to stick to it 100% but each day I start with the best intentions and try to think positively of how far I have come. But I do also think of how long I will paying for this! Stick in there!
Have you tried doing different things with the food packs?? I like raspberry ice cream. Bash 12 ice cubes add your pack and a little hot water to help it mix, then bash with a hand blender till smooth.

Keep going hon it's worth it.

Thank you all for your support.

You are of course right.

I'm just finding it difficult at the moment.

One pack at a time I think. And raspberry icecream here I come.

Thank you all again
Good luck hon,

try hot choc and hot vanilla too. Also with the ice cream i save half a nut crunch bar and crumle it over the top and its quite nice.

How you feeling today? Having not even started yet I cant imagine but can IYKWIM! am just going to have to do as you are me thinks & survive it a day at a time! ALways one day closer to goal at least!
Hi fish-face,
when do you start? i am changing to CD on tuesday as i have been made aware they are practically the same and i am so motivated it doesn't matter where i get them from. This site is a godsend i cant go a day without logging on.

Hi Dawn I start mid March due to the skiing holiday and the next group is then so fits in well! Was it just price that made you change? I think once I've done mainenace and the 100 days that I'll change to CD but meanwhile the group/counselling is the reason for paying the extra...tree has an interesting discussion about this on her blog which I can relate to but am hoping that I get on with my counsellor & group which I think is they key - if you dont then CD is just as good!
Hi All,

Thanks for your kind words. Ended up having major wobble and even contemplated not going back. But in the end got my head straight and went back and talked it through with LLC.

Seems I'm normal.

Today back on track and happy with myself again.

Once again thanks for your support.

You know I felt like that for about 1 week a couple of weeks ago. I was really bored with the packs.
I went out and bought some magazines and thought about how I would look in the skinny clothes and that spurred me on a bit. Spend a bit of money on yourself and spoil yourself. You've come along way, so enjoy it! Even if you just buy some new shampoo that you wouldn't normally buy.
I am past that stage now and hopefully it won't come back, but you'll be glad to hear that I am enjoying my packs again! Yum, yum - off to have some mushroom soup with tabasco soon.
Keep smiling and hang in there!
Hi there,
I hope that you are feeling a little better now - I can totally relate to your feelings, as mine are quite similar. Like you, I have just come out of foundation and started the new developers group on Saturday. There are only 3 of us (including me) as the others have all reached their targets and are embarking on Management. I know that there will be more people joining us soon, so that makes it a bit more promising.
Do you have a list of different recipes to try? If not, I could post them on here for you - just let me know. I have tried most of them now, and they really do help - just having something different to try can be really quite exciting (yes I know I sound really sad!!!)
The support on this site is fantastic, and just reading the comments on a regular basis, helps to keep me focused -

Thank you all once again. Yes I have a long list of recipes and do use them. Have also been know to experiment and come up with my own. But I really don't like the soups unless they are crisps or popadoms and only then the thai chilli or chicken with lashings and lashings of tabasco.

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