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Sorry to hear you stayed the same :( You've just moved over from WW haven't you? It could take a week or 2 for your body to adjust to the new plan. When I re started SW for the 3rd time I STS on my first WI, had done everything right and was really upset - then the next week I lost 2.5!

Stick with it, it will come off x
Thanks - yep, I have moved over from WW. All I could think is that because I've been on a calorie restricted diet for such a long time that perhaps this is my body's way of adjusting. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has stayed the same at first weigh-in - you sometimes hear of people losing loads!

The lady manning the scales said I'd probably have a loss next week too. I kind of wish I had've stayed for Image Therapy but I was rather flippant and decided to go home instead! I even forgot to ask for the Lifeline Online password - d'oh!

I won't give up :) I've committed to a 6 week count-down plan now so I'm going to give it a fair go.
I know what you mean. Most of the people that lose loads on their first week are either trying a plan for the very first time, or they've been consuming large quantities of rubbish for a while beforehand. You will get there, and enjoy it while you're doing it :)

Definitely stay to Image therapy next week and text your consultant for the password. Did you get it last week? They last for a couple weeks usually.

Good luck for next week, let us know how you get on!
Thanks :) I certainly will let you know how I get on!

I'll have to ring my consultant I think - I haven't got a mobile number, only a home number. I have last week's password so hopefully this will keep working for the time being!
DON'T PANIC !!! ;)

I'd have loved to have STS in my first week. :rolleyes:

I too had read of everyone's great and HUUUGE first week losses.............

I PUT ON !!!! - 1 lb................. :eek::eek::eek:

My wonderful consultant had a look at my food diary and couldn't find anything wrong. She encouraged me to stick to it and give it another week. I went on to lose 5 lb the next week :D:D:D:D:D

(By the way, I hadn't been on any diet before starting SW)

Good Luck....HTH
Lots of people gain or sts in their first week...perhaps we don't hear so much of those on here as some may be put of the diet and never return, which means we only hear about the fabulous losses!
Trust me though, stick with it and you will lose. I agree that transferring from WW is probably what has affected your weigh in this week.....just remember, depite all you've eaten, you didn't gain....that has to be a plus in itself, right?

Good Luck
Aww thanks guys - I feel so much better! I've stuck completely to plan and didn't go off the rails due to being disappointed so I reckon that's an achievement in itself too!
I will keep you posted :)
I put on half a pound last week, my 1st week. Going again tonoight, andfeel really fat, bloted and crampy, so bet I don't lose this week either. It is worth posting your food diary on here. My consultant told me my diaries were fine, but some experienced members on here soon told m where i could improve!! But think I'm the same as you. I ahven't eaten so much in years, so think my bosy needs to adjust!


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