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if you are measuring yourself you will see the inches dropping instead of the weight....the weight then starts to become visible too....

do NOT weigh yourself every day!!!!


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi. Thanks guys

typical day...
Breakfast, 100g cheese
Lunch, salad leaves with chicken and bacon and a spoon of mayo or tuna mayo salad.
Snack - mini pepperami, sometimes pork scratchings
Dinner - big green salad with chicken, beef or pork and mayo or balsamic vinegar.
Drinking green tea, coke zero and water.
I am well into the pink range on the keto sticks, and other than the weight feel as though I am in control and doing well. Hopefully I will get a whoosh soon!

xx Cathy xx

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cheese can be a staller why not try cutting it out for a couple of days see what happens x
Good advice yes, or at least, cut back on cheese.

Coke zero is not advised during Induction. It can stall some and also cause cravings. Many can get away with it but others can't. Perhaps your portion sizes are a bit too generous? Tinker with your daily food a bit to see if you can improve things.

All the best x


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks everyone, I have cut out the cheese, coke and vinegar, and all that has happened is I seem to have gained 2lb! I am still in ketosis though. I have got a period unusually (the pill I use prevents them) and havent had one for a long long time, so that may have something to do with it. My weight is up by 2lb one day, back down the next but overall nothing is dissapearing!

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