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Student Midwife shedding the lbs

Hello everyone, :talk017:
Just wanted to take a quick sec to say a quick hi and introduce myself. I am Josie, I am in my last year of my midwifery degree and have put on lots of weight in the last 2 years! Have been big all my teen and into adult life really, done lots of diets, including lighterlife, was slim and then put back on most if not all of what I lost!! Finally decided to bite the bullet and sort my life out so Slimming World is it! I would love to know how you guys all find it and how much is an average weekly loss! Any tips or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
Much Love
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Thank you and well done! Slow and steady...I am trying to get my head into the shift that this is going to be a lifetsyle not just *for christmas*...Scary but needs to be done!
I shall be checking out your diary to get some tips and ideas. Thanks again xxx

Good luck on your journey :).. Yea its definitely a big change and one one where you really have to learn patience to get it off and keep it off in a healthy way.
Welcome! I've been a midwife for 8 years and I piled weight on as a student, that I'm only now sorting out. It's those damn chocolates sat in the office and the lack of breaks. Makes you eat junk on the go, just to keep functioning.
I've lost 21 pounds in 7 weeks. It works! I find with our job, it works best if you plan your work-day food in advance. Make up home made ready meals for work. Oh and lidl is great for the ingredients on a budget
Make up home made ready meals for work. Oh and lidl is great for the ingredients on a budget
Great advice for all of us! thanks :D
Hi Everyone!

Thanks for saying hello and for the advice! And to Jael...thank you for tips! It has been so tough...indeed the pesky chocolates that the lovely couples :family2: leave for us just do not help me. I think forward planning is definately going to be a must. And I am most defo on a budget! The long days are a killer and tea and toast always seems to make it better...well not anymore lol! Thanks again and I shall be asking lots of questions in the coming months so I hope you won't mind xxx
Can so relate to you Josie, im in my final year of a children's nursing degree and although i wasnt thin when i started ive piled weight on at uni. Chocolates on the ward aside i find i lose weight better on placement, full days in uni with a very expensive canteen and lack of sw food means i have to plan plan plan to get some variety. Good luck with sw as others have said it does work and good luck with uni, dont know about you but im finding this final year harder than the others and im only 2 months in haha
Welcome! I have also been a midwife for 8 years, and my biggest challenge is all those chocs lying around and lack of breaks too! Sometimes its them or nothing! lol

Seriously though... i have managed to loose 12lbs in 6 weeks, just another 15lbs to go.

Good luck, with both finishing your course and your weight loss!
Hiya, another midwife here!

My tips for you, track track track. For me, if I plan all 3 nights before I start, I stay away from the choc and the 5am toast time cos in my head I can see my planner and think, I've got no syns for that. If I don't track I convince myself it won't hurt "just this once".

Take loads of fruit with you on days and nights, cos then you've always got something to hand when you're hungry. And our long days are looooong lol. And I always keep an emergency mugshot in my bag too.

It won't always be easy but it will be worth it. You could say that for our job too lol. Good luck xx
Hi JosieE87 and :welcome2:
Forward planning of your meals is definitely the way to go. Good luck on your journey!
Hiya! I've been a midwife for 13yrs and in that time have gained 7 stone. It's the night duty, lack of breaks & increased cortisol levels that do it (& the eating of total nonsense). I've lost 14lbs in 5 weeks. Planning is the key. I tend to snack on fruit and bring in mugshots to work because they're quick, and every second on break time is precious!! Good luck. We WILL do this! Xo
So nice to hear you're not alone and so many midwives on the forum:)

Check my diary out if you need to as well.. May help to read what other people eat to help you along x
Good luck Josie!

I still have the toast. As a green day girl, I usually have a HEB for brekkie then a HEB for staff toast time. I even bring my own bread and usually have it with marmite, as I LOVE marmite! And I do allow myself the odd chocolate. Good thing about them is they're easy to syn- usually 2-2 1/2. Carrying a big water bottle helps too, since I seem to eat less and function better if I'm well hydrated.

But yes, the word is plan, plan, plan! Even plan snacks. Local Market can also be really good for cheap produce. I did my whole weeks food shop in the Market/lidl the other day and it came to £18. Granted, I wasn't buying meat, but I'm sure a cheap shop including meat can be done
Hi Josie!

I know 100% where your coming from!
I have just qualified as a midwife (working now) and put on sooooo much weight during my degree, slimming world has been my saviour!!

I still struggle with shift patterns, especially on cds with all the treats and presents - night shifts are a right mare for me!

Always here if you need a hand :) good luck!!! xxx
Hi welcome! I am a student also and work shifts as a support worker so I know how difficult it could be trying to eat healthy when running about between uni and working then doing coursework. SW is easiest and least restrictive diet I have done so far.

Good luck!
Well I had my first weigh in tonight and I ... lost 4.5lbs! So so very happy as I had been a bit scared that I was doing something wrong! Chuffed to bits...Onwards and downwards :553:

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