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Student on CD!

Hey everyone,

I'm a third year student and in the next two weeks I have 20,000 words due in :cry:

I understand that there is no easy time to start a diet, let alone one like this, but I'm not sure if I've started at the right time. I'm on day 3 and feeling very lethargic, trying to write an essay at the moment and have no concentration at all. All of my friends right now look like dancing hotdogs lol and I don't even like hotdogs!

So do you think I should start in 2 weeks? Or keep going and see how the next few days go? Perhaps some of you have been in my position before. I have an assignment due in Monday and I must get it finished off- I just want to sleep!

Thanks all,

Skinny x
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Hello - i'm in EXACTLY the same situation. Day 3 and everything.

I'm hoping that taking my mind off food will help me concentrate, and seeing the scales drop will make me more optimistic if you get me?

Leah xxx
hiya, you poor thing with so much work to do. i think you need to do whats best for you if you feel you cant continue maybe start again in two weeks. But on the other hand your on day 3 so maybe you should keep going.Its a tough one, sorry im not much help!
You guys are as bad as I am!! LOL

Thanks for the replies, I'm still wondering what to do. Although I feel rubbish I actually can't bring myself to eat anything and ruin it!!! So I think I shall continue for the moment, for however long it takes and if I feel the pressure is too much then I'll leave it. What is two weeks in the scheme of things anyway?

good woman yourself. and think of it this way how much will you have lost in two weeks rather than waiting and starting over? good luck with the essays etc!

becky x


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Just to let you know that I'm on week 3 and I feel great, really motivated, positive and have more energy than I've had in a long time. So the worst you feel is the first week once you get through that you might be in an easier position to make that decision.

*Plus you can drink as much black coffee as you like for the late nites:)

This time last year I had to do my thesis and TBH for the week coming up to it I didn't even have time to eat!!
*Plus you can drink as much black coffee as you like for the late nites:)
I totally agree here - shame it isnt red bull although it gives me serious palpitations :)

Tackling a degree and diet at the same time?? WE CAN DO IT! xxx
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hey hun,

i was on CD when trying to do my finals this time last year and I found my brainpower didnt seem to be what it normally was! i would recommend maybe trying a higher CD plan until your work is due if you think it maybe affecting the quality of what you are producing- I know supposedly this isnt a side effect of CD but i beg to differ- i do feel what you might call "ditzy" when SSing and seem to sleep LOTS more than normal- in fact I spend most of my spare time sleeping when SSIng.....

So I am not saying come off it but perhaps trying the 1000 plan just for a couple of weeks and then going back down to the SS step may be a good idea if you feel the need.

Just my experiences/opinions hun tho, you need to do whats right for you. Dont let it make you quit tho, you may well regret it in the long run if you come off CD completely as it is always easier the first time around! xxx
i graduated last year and i know exactly what your going through. if you feel like you cant concerntrate fully then come off the diet, at the end of the day the diet will be there after youve graduated, but this is the only chance you have of getting a great degree!
in the mean time eat healthily so by the time u restart cambridge, you should have lost a few pounds and it will be easier for you!


ps if you do come off it, eat lots of fish (brain food!)


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Exactly same situation here, soon dissertation due in, I am on anti depressants, my fiance having mental and financial problems etcetc
But hell, I won't give up my LL.
So to be honest I know what pressure it is yet You have to stop crying about things and just get it done! CD or not, it's not like stuffing ur face with food would make writing ur disseration any easier?

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