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Students-just a number


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Someone once told me that once I got to uni i would discover that students were often just a number. I thought this to be false, but soon discovered that I too had my own number, and soon it became my identity. I won't disclose it here because i think I'm supposed to keep it confidential *slowly points to username*
But anyway, yesterday after a discussion with my girlfriend, i stood on the scales and stopped being 220737 and became 93. Now, i understand that 93 is not by any means high. But the last time i had traipse across a set of scales I was at a tender 81. So here I am, with a goal of 79, (which puts my BMI as being "normal") and 26 weeks to do it in. (a pound a week is what my Mum, a seasoned dieter, has always said)

I found myself with a challenge though, namely, I like to eat, and don't like to exercise An experimental flair in the kitchen has led to me eating many unhealthy goodies in a large quantity in a small time (just the other day I ate my way through half a batch of brownies that had 200g of chocolate, 250g butter and 360g of caster sugar) and not feeling the pain. I also rarely feel full without massively over eating. My problem isn't that I can't cook, it's that I can, so I find myself indulging in all kinds of tasty treats that I probably shouldn't.

So here I am, on my knees, sat in a pokey uni room during the students time asking for any advice, help or anything that people can offer. I understand that my 12kg (26lbs) is meager, but I fear if i don't change anything, soon my 26lbs will be 26kg and rising.
I promise all future posts will be smaller than this one.

Anyone who can guess my degree from my posts will get a metaphorical E-cookie :D

So, Day 1:

Breakfast: skipped
Lunch: TEDV (Tesco everyday value, I am a student after all) Ham sandwiches with pickle
Tea: Bacon (grilled) potato and veg soup recipe to follow

Woke up late today and had to run out to my lectures, okay, I lie, I woke up late today, missing 4 of my lectures and had to run out to the others, grabbing my dinner, made the night before, on the go. sat through 2 hours of tedious lectures learning about three phase systems (fun (y) ) before cycling to Tesco. Its my anniversary this weekend and I'm trying to make it special for SWMNBN-TB (she who must not be named - to be) which will follow on Friday, you're in for a nasty gorge fest on that one, i'm planning Chinese.... (homemade, I said I could cook)
got home and reheated last nights soup, which i have to say i am quite fond of. I shall be posting the recipe below should any one be interested. attempted to make brownies, failed, ate about 2 mouthfuls of chocolate y goo before feeling sick with myself and running away from it. started some coursework and now i sit here, typing. plan for tomorrow, up at 8 (HAHAHAHAHAHA.... no) coursework, maths, SWMNBNTB's for tea, home, blog.

Hope to see you all soon :)
sorry it was so long
Yours sincerely,
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