Stuffing balls


Focused & goin for goal!
Hi. Made stuffing a while ago by mixing up the chicken and mush soup mix as if making a muffin. Popping the mixture into a ramkin dish and then microwave for 1min 40ish. Tasted ok but was a bit sloppy inside.
Tonight decided to use hald my chicken and mush sachet to make stuffing balls. Used 20g of powder and made a stiff-ish mixture. Split the mixture into two and popped onto a sheet of baking parchment and micro'd for 1min 30ish. They were a little dryer which was what I wanted but they wern't quite balls... more like discs as they had flattened and spread. Was wondering, do you think it would be ok to pop the mixture into cling film (in a ball shape) and pierce the film then cook as before? That would mean they were a little more moist in the middle (maybe) and they would look like stuffing balls to have with xmas dinner :p