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Stuggling so much. Need help.

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Hia all,
I started dieting over a week ago. In 4 days, i lost 6 lbs without any exercise. For some reason i keep shoving off track. Its killing me, i am crying whilst on my own, i am so down because i want to diet so much.
I really need tips on how to stay on track.
I need to lose 6 stone, and i really really want to do it for November, as my partner is in his training for the British Army, and i want to suprice him for when he comes out.. but most of all, i want this so much for myself, as i have always been slim but since having my son 15 months ago 6 stone just hit me.
I know how so many of you have been so successful, i would really appreciate your help. Thanks. :cry:
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Hello Cassie,

Try and diet proof your house. Don't buy any foods that will make you sabotage yourself. I don't have any sweet food in my house as that makes me binge eat.

Drink 2-3 litres of water a day, it will help fill you up and prevent fluid retention.

Try and exercise a bit every day to keep your metabolism fired up, even a 30 minute walk a day is great exercise.

Good luck for your November goal, think how stunned and thrilled your other half will be.
Don't self doubt, you can do it hon. X x


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Hi Cassie, I think the early days are the worst - your body's adapting to a real shock, when you suddenly don't have all the comfort foods you used to use to bolster your mood, it can be extremely miserable.

One tiny thing that helped me a bit in the early days was finding another way to make myself feel better, rather than food. For me it was sorting myself out a little quiet corner in the house (tough because my home is very small!) and putting a soft chair there, a really snuggly mohair wrap, some scented candles and a little selection of yummy-smelling lotions and potions. When things were seriously getting me down and the biscuits were calling, I'd take a time out and go to my nook and cuddle up with all the soft things and practice some deep breathing, trying to remind myself that I was in control and that it wasn't nuclear armageddon, just a diet! Tactile comforts can work as well as food, I think, when you need soothing. Got to make some time for yourself and create a breathing space/place where you can go until you've got the cravings kicked.

But don't feel like you have to go without! There's so many low calorie treats you can have in moderation that will really help. Alpine light cereal bars, weightwatchers yoghurts, snackajacks popcorn, skinny cow lollies, and of course all the oodles of beautiful fruit, especially berries, that are around in the shops right now.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Good luck!


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Aww bless ya sweetheart! It is hard when you first set out; it's daunting, it's all change and learning new things, and the worst bit is that it doesn't happen overnight.

Everything everyone's suggested so far is exactly right. The biggest thing is to know you can do it! Always think before you act - do we need that chocolate, really? Am I hungry or just bored? - and you'll do great.

People power is the biggest thing, so by joining here you've already helped yourself in leaps and bounds! Seeing other people go through and know you're not alone is a massive help. Starting a diary to keep yourself accountable is such a help too.

Chin up, lovely! We're all rooting for you :)


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