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Consolidation Stuggling with hunger

since starting conso and reintroducing some carbs I'm finding I'm hungry a lot more and crave carbs. I'm sure I'm still eating enough but I seem to be eating constantly. I'm leaving my bread and cheese until supper time as the cravings get really bad then. This is only my 2nd week on conso so i'm hoping the hunger will subside:sigh:
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this is a conso problem and you can still up the protien and posibly up you oatbran to get you through......the reintroduction of carbs is always testing

sorry spelling shocking today !
This happened to me too! It was quite a shock.

It does settle down - but remember - protein is still unlimited, and will stop hunger signals dead.

Don't cut back on the essentials - eat some chicken!
sadly for ones like me the whiff of carbs and im off !!
good to know it's not just me and it's a common problem. I'm so used to cruise and not feeling hungry, haven't felt hungry since the first few days of attack. Must restrain myself:eek:
I found I really really needed to make sure I had protein / galette for breakfast.

It goes away - last month I had the opposite problem and barely had any appetite at all!


Goat herder(ess)
Good advice from everyone.

Also, be sure that you don't skip any meals. Always have Dukan-friendly snacks to hand and use the mental training you've acquired during Cruise to continue to make you opt for those, rather than for anything naughtier.

I find that keeping my mind (and fingers!) occupied helps me mostly to ignore the cravings, too.
I found I really really needed to make sure I had protein / galette for breakfast.
I always have my gallette in the morning, couldn't start the day without it. I even took some I had already made with me camping and whilst everyone else was tucking into bacon sarnies I had my gallette:)
I made the best galettes ever on a camping stove when I spent a week outdoors back in may - yum!

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