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+++stunning saturday daily thread+++

Hello all

Well here we are on 'Stunning Saturday' as we are all on our way to being stunning slimmers! That includes everyone ,particularly minimin'ers on their first day or week of CD - welcome and good luck, you will feel quite stunned at the good weight loss after 7 days x

I am up again in a few hours as off to Venice - back on Tuesday. Have wanted to visit for many years so delighted that the trip is happening. Its me and my best mate, her kindly hubby is on airport duties.

I am hoping to stick to CD when I get there although I don't seem to cope well around temptations these days. There was a huge chocolate cake last night in the shape of a guitar (because it was an event for a choir) - a naughty little voice urged me to have one little slice - but managed to say no.

Good Luck to all and look forward to catching up with all the news on Tuesday:wavey: x
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Recovering Foodaholic
Morning, Bling!

Wow, Venice, have a fab time, I'm totally jealous! And well done for resisting that cake- I've not managed to be as strong of late, however it being my day off I have a day of marking, planning and writing forms for parents' evening- sucky, I know BUT at least I won't have time to think about food :D

Wish me luck on being strong, have a brilliant trip and a great day to all who follow xx


Can hug her knees :)
Oh bling have a lovely time, and well done for resisting the cake :)
I went to bed with a snotty nose and have woken with a full blown cold :( I really want toast, apple juice and a milky tea :( eugh why are some days so much harder than the rest :(
sadly no rest for the wicked loads of housework to do :(
hope every one has a great Saturday xxx


Going for Goal!
Morning Bling and bubbly :)
Bling - Venice sounds fabulous, have a wonderful time angel, you so deserve it!
Bubbly - You can stay strong hun! I know you can do it - what are your plans today?

I am just about to put a washing load on and have my 1st shake. By the time the first load is finished I imagine HB will venture out of bed, when I will put another load on and persuade HB to go Christmas shopping. Don't need much tbh, mainly his side of the family. Plus it will get me out of the house! Weekends often tend to be quite a challenge, so I now try to do things that don't involve me wanting to peek in the fridge!!! lol

Hope everyone has a brilliant Saturday :)

Hugs x x x


Yummy Mummy in the making
Hi everyone,
I had a hard day yesterday, had the urge to eat all day but I managed to get away with only eating two tiny silverskin onions so its not that bad! Feel better today although I'm feeling quite alone now as hubby has switched off listening to me when I try to talk about CD :(

OIff out shopping later to get Christmas prezzies yay!

Hope you all have a good day :)
Well hopefully this morning I get an hour to myself when Mr and Master T go swimming(can't wait til I have the confidence to go with then in a few stones time), and I can't wait to de-fuzz my legs and have a shower in peace-oh the luxury of a toddler free shower.
Later on having M in law for tea as f in-law away for wknd, however am quite happy to have my soup whilst they have garlic bread,wine and spag bol, maybe that's because I know I am off plan 2 weeks today and would love to have hit my 4st mark by then.
Enjoy your stunning saturday everyone, no doubt I'll be popping back on here throughout the day x


please try again
morning girls

bling you sure do have a busy life, your always going somewhere, lol

another lazy day for me, im wrapped in my blanket and on the lappy, wee girls on the floor playing with my sisters cat

very annoyed yesterday, school nurse called the dietitian to say kaya eats heaps but is loosing weight and why does she still have a feeding tube in
really, last time i checked with school her eating was as poor there as it is in school and why would the feed tube be removed on a child thats loosing weight? friggin numptys grrrrrr


Recovering Foodaholic
So far, so good! I've been a busy bee, Emma! Jobs done so far:
epic shopping
washing dishes
cleaned kitchen
mopped floor
met landlord to fix light
spoke to brother on the phone
one load of washing done, 2nd to go on shortly

Now I'm about to go and clean the guineas!!! That's five cages. I think I need a shake first so I don't wobbly and go and snack on something because it's quick!
Morning everyone,

Wow bling hope you have a great time.

Today seems endless and im running out of time, went shopping at 7am did the weekly shop and then came hope unpacked and went to the gym. Just waiting on a phone call now from my mum so I can deposit the kids as taking OH out for his birthday, its a planned night out.

So far I have dyed my hair black, got all my products for a pamper session in the bath, going to have an arm wrap just to help things along then really looking forward to getting ready with all my new Vie make up and new dress.

Hope you all have a good night tonight xx
Blingbabe - hope you have a fantastic time in Venice. I have always wanted to go there too. One day - I shall! :)

Bubblypenguin - good job you mentioned washing. I had forgotten I had washing to do. After this post I shall go and put it in!

Well, Saturday morning, another week over and I feel GOOD. I have showered, exfoliated and moisturised my face, my skin feels good.
I have been through the trouser rail in my wardrobe and thrown out all but 4 pairs. I have been through the nightie drawer (which is also where I keep swimming costumes) and have thrown out several nighties and costumes - the drawer closes properly now! In just under 4 weeks I shall be back in UK and shopping my little heart out in the Metro Centre for trousers to get me through the winter as the 4 pairs I have kept are going to be too big soon.
For those of you who are thinking about being jealous of me in Sunny Spain - lol don't cos it's freezing cold and grey and rainy at the moment - but I don't care cos I feel clean and fit and ready to go take on the world!
If I feel this good after losing three stones, I wonder what I am going to feel like when I have lost 12 stones?


Can hug her knees :)
lovely post, My morning has been a bit like that too, 2.5 stone gone and almost back to my lightest adult weight and I'm feeling great :)
threw out so mant clothes today its unreal, I think I will be asking Santa for gift vouchers for xmas this year, I need new clothes :)
another excuse to go shopping woohoo :)
its actually sunny here today but freezing :(
I have been banished to my bedroom so the 10 year old can play the wii :) just waiting for my sister and Kids to come over then off shopping to choose something lovely for me to cook them all for tea :)

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