Stupid adverts!!!


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Of course they want us to fail - if we're not eating we're not handing over our hard-earned cash. I know it's hard seeing them constantly flash KFC and M&S in your face but after a while you won't get such rage and will just pay as much attention to them as you do accident insurance ads :)


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Lol. I don't even bother watching them!!! Channel-hopping works fine.


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I just get up and go and drink yet another glass of water!!...:rolleyes::D


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Its the ones that come on when the kids programmes are on that get me :mad: Personally I think the media has done more damage to lifestyle and eating than anything else!


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How annoying!!!I am sick of the sainsburys 'left over' adverts. everything looks so nice. To be honest though, a brussel sprout looks nice at the minute!!!xxx


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they killed me more in my first week - to the point that i was clawing at the tv screen when the kfc ad was on!

i have to admit on week 4 i really MISS food!


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hear that one... nasty media people want us too munch.. i say NO..
we will not we will get skinny eat less and save more.. bring them into recession even further!!!lol


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My problem ad is the Abrakebabra ad on RTE or TV3 in Ireland!!! Everything looks soo gooood!