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Stupid cow Letmeouts 7th weigh in.

Today was my weigh in number 7.
I have done so well- Today I had lost another 4.5lbs meaning that in 7 weeks I have lost 1lb short of 3 stones, I have reduced from being well into the Morbidly Obese category to teetering on the edge of just being Obese, I have reduced my BMI to 40 and I am a shade under 20 stone for the first time in 6 years. I am wearing clothes I could not do up before and they are loose. Dozens of people have noticed and complimented me. My kids are proud as pinch and really supportive.

So what do I do? Go to work, forget my shake, feel terrible come in and stuff my face. I ate a turkey breast- and slapped it between two slices of bread, ate a dry cream cracker- and a slice of quiche.
What a stupid, silly, self destructive idiot. Truly wish I could make myself sick. And I did not enjoy even a mouthful of this food. I've really struggled since AAM week to stay on SS.
Somebody kick me!
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Well done on the weight loss, thats fab!

As for eating, don't beat yourself up about it. It's happened, learn from it reflect upon it, move on from it. Start afresh now. x


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:whoopass: Cos you asked for it, But this happens. Just pick yourself up and get on the waggon again. Do aam so you don't get desparate. Don't beat yourself up though. I reckon most of us have on minis have done something similar. Look at how far you have come. A huge way! So have a hug and make tomorrow a new day.:hug99:
And you are not a stupid cow, you are human, and sometimes we don't live up to our own expectations. [hug]
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If others have forgot their CD meal for work in the past what have you done ? Let's face it it's easily done I guess.

Would a can of 'slimfast' have been OK?
Would that have kicked you out of katosis ??

Don't give up just 'cos of one little blip .... get straight back on the wagon and start SS'ing without mercy!

Keep up the good work - you're doing brilliantly and you know one little slip in 7 weeks is fantastic.
Thanks for your lovely replies. I feel very dissappointed in myself-rather ashamed actually. I guess it's shown me that it's this lack of will power that got me into this state in the first place. Having said that CD has shown me that I can have a will or iron- which comes as quite a surprise!!
get back on your wagon, i felt like that when i cheated :( didnt even enjoy the food felt really really full. I'm back ssing now though :)

come on u can do it.

Congrats on your weight loss so far :)


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Oiiiiiii missus...don't call yourself a stupid cow....

You are certainly not stupid at all....yes you had a little blip :whoopass: (spanking as requested), but you have learnt a valuable lesson and I can see you are determined to learn from it.....
Straight back on the wagon, plenty of water and hold your head high......what you have lost so far is phenomonal and you should be bloody proud of yourself!

Do you not think that perhaps these little blips that some people have after a weigh in are a result of years of dieting on a convential diet like WW or SW.....I remember when I used to do any of those type of diets and after a weigh in we would always 'treat' ourselves to something like fish and chips or chocolate knowing that we could cut down and still lose for the week after....getting out of that mentality takes time.......
I know that you didn't blip today because you were treating yourself, but it was something that occured to me a few weeks back.......

I think you know what you will do in the future and I doubt very much you will have another day like today because you are feeling so crappy right now...store these feelings away and remember them for the future....in the mean time be kind to yourself and stay positive and strong!

Thanks -I will not be beaten!!
Thanks for your lovely replies. I feel very dissappointed in myself-rather ashamed actually. I guess it's shown me that it's this lack of will power that got me into this state in the first place. Having said that CD has shown me that I can have a will or iron- which comes as quite a surprise!!
That's exactly what CD has shown me. I was so surprised at my own willpower..

Don't be so hard on yourself. Just deciding to do something and then doing so well is bloody fantastic. Most of us (I don't like generalising...please forgive me girls and boys) have slipped here and there and as in the posts before me, we are human, not machines.

Be proud of what you have achieved so far, put this little blip behind you and battle on. I am having trouble at the moment but I know where I want to be by hopefully the end of August and that's what keeps me going. A mental picture of myself...

Stop beating yourself up right now - promise..!!!

Take care

I think you know yourself that this was a minor blip and you are getting back on the wagon. I just want to say well done, that is a fantastic weight loss today... keep it up!


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Well done on the weight loss, Mary Anne. You are doing so brilliantly. I managed 3.5lbs this week to make 36.5 in total over 7 weeks.

I'm sending big hugs as I can just imagine how you must be feeling tonight. I have had a craving for bacon and tomatoes for the last couple of days - and I don't even like tomatoes! If somebody had put it in front of me, I fear that I would have devoured it! Fortunately, they didn't!!!

Be strong! I'm still here for you - email me when you need food and I will soon put you off!!!

BTW, parcel arrived today, tx, and Martha and Jago are out of high dependency and into normal special care unit. Good news!

You are brill! I hope I am as motivated as you. 7 weeks without a blip and your kicking yourself??... we have to else we will get complacent i know, but dont let that blip ruin your week. You can still lose, at least u didnt have packet of biscuits after fish and chips! You'l be fine your a real inspiration.

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