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stupid question time

The official line is 'don't do it'! :D Though I've had the odd Coke Zero, and I spend a whole BBQ drinking Diet Coke and it didn't seem to do any damage.

TBH I've not really been bothered about them, as long as I have my tea, coffee and water! Which is odd considering I used to live on Coke Zero, we used to buy packs and packs from Makro and I'd always get into trouble with Mrs LJ for storming through them :D
thanks Jim! I must be getting confused as I thought I read in the booklet that when on 1000 you could have zero calorie carbonates. Maybe I'm just imagining things? come to think of it I was pretty sure it also said pizza ;)
i thought you could as well on the 1000 plan?
not there yet but i was looing forward to being able to have the odd glass of fanta zero!
I know you cant on SS/SS+/810 but was sure you could on all the others as you wont be in ketosis for the citric acid to make a difference.
I think most people use it as anything with a max 1 cal.....

i think there is still the issue of them potentially making you more hungry so should be "Handled with Care" lol


Gone fishing
Yep, you can have them. Diet coke, coke zero blah blah. Just watch how they effect you and try not to have too much, cos there's nothing good in them really.

Feeding the head, rather than the body. Everything in moderation and all that :)

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