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Stupid question !?!

Sorry all! I'm new to this (CD & website) but iv a few questions I can't seem to find the answers too and my CDC a bit vague!
(1) can you have a little milk in tea on SS
(2) can you have a sweetener tablet in tea?
(3) what can I do about bad breath ?
(4) do I take fibre and ducolax daily as prevention or wait until constipated!

Thanks! This site has been so encouraging!
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Hello, hows it going? This place is a god send for advice and support I've found :) Officially no milk allowed on ss :( , tablet sweeteners are fine I believe, breath wise, I'm not sure of the official answer but the general consensus is to stick to sugar free mints that don't contain citric acid and they'll be fine, some people have sugar free gum too, but others say it makes them hungrier (i always have gum). Just wait and see if you get constipated, I never did, hopefully you won't either! Hope that helps, best of luck x
Ah you see I'd say different. I've always had a little milk in tea on ss, no sweetners!!! They'll knock you out of ketosis!! Spray mouth freshener or brush more. Chewing actually prevents plaque build up so brush more! And don't chew gum unless sugar free tho it might make you hungry......
And rake CDC/soluble fibre every day and extra relief for when it happens!! Xx
Good luck!!!!! How are you getting on? Xxx
Yeh I do have milk in coffee too, just officially the answer is no. Cambs themselves say sweeteners are ok don't they. Tablet form not powder though a powder has carbs and will kick you out of k x
I was always told that sweeteners in tablet form are fine, but no to powder. I do admit to 2 x cups of coffee with a smidgen of skimmed milk. However the official line is no to milk. I do chew sugar free gum as your breath goes rank!!! Water, strong coffee and a brisk walk can all help keep things "regular" but the soluble fibre is worth adding. I use movical as a laxative if needed, which so far has been once in 3 weeks.
Also keep on this site as I have found it a lifeline.....even if I don't have time to respond ( I read it on the go at work via iPhone) it just keeps me sane to know we are all in it together..
Best of luck
That's great! Thanks! The iPhone app is great and easy for a little positive interjection when feeling a little low! Great news about the tea! A real boost for day 6!
Little splash! X
Dolly2 said:
I was always told that sweeteners in tablet form are fine, but no to powder.
I alway drink sugar/sweetener free anyway, is it because of the type of sugar in the sweetener? I can't remember? X
I haven't needed fibre as i've always tended towards the 'too-regular' side of things anyway (particularly if i've had dairy), so this diet has slowed me down nicely.

heh - overshare?
I have a wee splash of skimmed milk in my tea. I can give up chocolate, bread, cheese and pizza for a few weeks, but there is NO WAY I can go without my morning and mid afternoon cuppa!! I need it to keep me sane.

Re the death breath, I have a breath spray and drink drink drink the water!
Tried one hermasetes in tea and was starving all day!! Not worth the risk again! Tho little splash of milk makes all the difference!! Cheers ;)


Feeling Motivated
I drink green tea, I find it calming ( I have a hectic job recruiting graduates & they drive me nuts!)

Every so often I do crave a normal cuppa, so have a normal tea with a smidgen of skimmed milk in it, always makes me feel loads better
Mint tea!!! Mmmmm

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