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Well have messed up! :mad:
Me and the hubby have been on the verge of splitting for a while now and last night we had one almighty row which ended in me threatening to pack his stuff, him storming out and me stuffing my face with chicken and chips! :mad: Why is it that whenever an emotional blip comes my way i find myself running for the fridge?!
So.....jumped on the scales this morning ( i know i'm not supposed to get on until Saturday, but i wanted to assess the damage) to find i've bl**dy gained! :mad: Am kicking myself as we speak :copon:!
I have started a new contraceptive pill this week which i've been told can make you retain fluid but i just feel like such a screw up! :mad::( (especially as i've lost quite a bit so far already)
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Awwww Rayven I am sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch hun.

Dont beat yourself up too much (I too am an emotional eater... i think many of us are).

I hope you get things sorted and as for your blip, today is a new day strike out last night and pick it up again today.

Stay strong sugar x


Gone fishing
Oh hun :hug99: Next time throw the contents of the fridge at him as he walks out of the door ;)

No more kicking thyself and get thee back on that wagon.


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After a row like that is it any wonder, I can binge over a broken nail!!

Hope things sort themselves out for you and your OH.

There is only ONE option, put the binge behind you, in the past, it's over, and move on today 100%.

As quick as you have gained you can lose, fact.. you can do it :)


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You know you are not on your own here.
I too medicate myself with food.
Like everyone has said you just gotta move on.
I did exactly the same thing day after WI last Friday and I am over it now.
The guilt was terrible, but,you know what you've done wrong and just don't let it go from a blip to something bigger.
And when you've lost all your weight you can show your OH what he is missing!!
Hi hon, dont beat yourself up, things like this will happen, and we are only human. When things are bad at home, it is hard to look at things rationally all the time. You have done so well already, even with underlying things at home.

Pick yourself up today and back on it, it will make you feel better.

I am in the same situation at home as well, and finding it hard on this diet with things going on. Just take one day at a time, and remember who you are doing this for... thats what I keep telling myself anyway.

Big hugs x x x
Awwww rayven hun {{{hugs}}}

Don't beat yourself up about it, today is another day and you know you can do this :)

I think KD has the best advice to chuck the contents of the fridge at him ;)

Annie x
I'm an emotional eater too {{{{hugs}}}} Just put it behind you, chalk it up to experience and move on.Next time you'll know you'll be tempted to eat so you will be prepared and can do something else.
I'm sorry that things are so rough with your husband. I hope you two find a way to work things out, because there is nothing easy about splitting up, especially if children are involved.

As for your diet, there's no sense beating yourself up for what happened. What's done is done, and all you can do is move forward. Make better food choices today, and if you do that for long enough, the weight will fall off.
Aww hun sending you cyber (((((hugs)))))

Sorry your having a hard time at the mo. Marriage problems are emotional draining and i too go for food if emotionally challenged.

Take back control and move on from your wobble. It happened yesterday in your past and tomorrow is the future.

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