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Success after millionth times re-start

I can’t believe I made it through Day One after 10000x re-start.
Anyways I am more determined now because my weight is dangerously close to 200lbs. I have never been this heavy before ever in my life.
I always cheated because the first thing in the morning I would have my tea with milk and sugar. Then after I cheat, I would feel bad but instead of continuing on I would stuff myself with food and tell myself I would start the next day. This has been the cycle for me for the past 1 year and as a result of which I gain more than 12kg.
So I finally made the decision to tell my tea lady not to make tea for me and so I had a cheat-free day.
If only i had come up with the simple solution a year ago!
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I guess something has really got to scare yourself into doing it - how do you keep yourself busy during the day to take your mind off food etc?
Actually i find that when i do the diet proper i can concentrate more on my work. In fact today i was able to complete most of my outstanding work haha.Because i think when i wasn't doing my diet properly i really dont have to do my work proper as well. In the evenings after work, i will pop in my rented tv shows (currently catching up on the x-files haha) till its time for bed.


Mad as a Hatter
This is what we need to establish, ways of keeping ourselves busy and the days soon fly by.. before I knew it last night, it was 9 o'clock, kids were in bed and it was time for my soup - where did Day 1 go ???
Yep this has been the thing for me too.

I never realised how much of my life is about food! Thinking about shopping, Going shopping, thinking about what to cook, cooking and eating it, then planning next meal! Thats without the snacks etc!!

I work from home and am a stay at home mum so i made a massive list of everything that needs doing, sorting out etc as a way of keeping me busy.

As well as daily housework, i have my list of things like:
Re decorating a couple of rooms,
Spring clean gardens,
Do out cupboards / warderobes,
Do out the loft,

I also have ebayed some old bits i have discovered whilst sorting stuff out so am on my way to making and saving money for my new clothes i will buy when i get near my target weight!

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