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Extra Easy Days success express

hi there on success express u have 3 meals a day but at each meal 2/3rds of ur food has to be superfree and a 1/3rd as free food (from either green or red or both together)

add 1 or 2 h/e a and 2 b choices, u can add ur h/e's to meals (eg using bread in a sandwich)

snack on superfree foods eg fresh or frozen fruit, veg,eggs or very low fat dairy products ( u can have ur h/e between meals too)

have 5 to 15 syns a day
hope this makes sense :)
Here goes

All free foods etc are same as ee
You can have 3 meals per day
But you can only have 1 third free and 2 thirds have to be superfree at each meal
You get 2 hex a and 2 hex b per day and if you use syns you have to count the higher syn value

You would need to eat superfree food between meals and any starters/desserts need to be synned (if not free)

Hope this explains it good luck xx
So. In conclusion. Just to make sure I'm getting this...

Everything free on EE is free on SE, but I can only have 1/3 Free - (meat, potatoes, rice, fish etc) and 2/3 superfree -(fruit, veggies etc)

If I'm right this begs another question... Can my one third be made up from 2 different free foods? Like 1/3 meat and potatoes and 2 thirds veggies?

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