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Success Express

Right, here goes...After a 2.5lb gain at weigh in last night i have decided i need to take action as i dont want to put too much weight on over xmas!!

I have been readin up on here about success express and though i will give it a go until xmas eve and hopefull that will help me ....

So, Day 1


2 Weetabix(HEB) with milk(HEA) and a teaspoon of sugar( 1 syn)


Syn Free home made Spag bol with onions, mushrooms, garlic, chillies in sereved with a bit of spaghetti with tons of green beans mixed in so its like i have got more spaghetti :)


Syn free sausage with mash potatoe and beans served with tons of broccoli and cauliflower

Snacks:- home made pizza...Wholemeal pitta (HEB) with passatta and cheese (HEA)

Syns= 1 syn

Plus an hour workout at the gym

So this is my plan for today, i know u should have 5-15 syns a day but i was thinkin my cheese on my pizza could count as syns as i think u can have 1 HEA but u need 2 HEB, am i right???

So i will be back in the morning to let u know how i have got on...

Am i doin this right????
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hi got2bslim did u expect a gain this week? have u got a diary on here so it could be checked to see if u made any slight error

success express
on success express u have 3 meals a day but at each meal 2/3rds of ur food has to be superfree and a 1/3rd as free food (from either green or red or both together)

add 1 or 2 h/e a and 2 b choices, u can add ur h/e's to meals (eg using bread in a sandwich)

snack on superfree foods eg fresh or frozen fruit, veg,eggs or very low fat dairy products ( u can have ur h/e between meals too)

have 5 to 15 syns a day
i got this from an old booklet but only fresh or frozen fruit and veg are superfree foods so u can't snack on eggs or low fat dairy products now
hope this helps good luck
Thanks Val, well i did well all week but then i had a massive night out on Sunday night , i was drinkin pints!!! and also i was supposed to be gettin weighed today but i went last night instead so i didnt have to take kids out with me in this horrible weather today. so i was expecting a gain however i didnt think it would be so much :(

This is my first food diary on here for ages so no there isnt one for last week unfortunately

Does my food for today look ok to you for a success express day???

thanks again for your help xx
hi got2bslim the only thing i can see wrong is with ur breakfast u didn't have any superfree and i would question whether you would "need" a pizza for a snack as you are already having 3 meals .snacks should be superfree foods and u must make sure you r having 2/3rds superfree with each meal, e.g have a pitta bread but put sald in it :eek: does that make sense don't want u to put on again next week :)
My consultant said that if u have weetabix then u dont need to count it as a meal as its ur healthy extras??? now am confused lol and also i had my dinner at 1130 and wont be havin my tea until 10 tonight cause i am going to the gym when my husband get home from work at 830, so i couldnt go all that time without really :( and with the pizza that again would be 2 healthy extras right??? mmmm confused.com lol i also thought if i am havin so much superfree food with my meals then i would be ok to snack on yoghurts and things as they r still syn free??

Maybe this is more difficult than i first thought :(

Thanks for ur help Val as i really am tryin everything to not get another gain xxxx
hi hun but if ur eating all that food u might as well just do a normal day (red, green or ee) cause i'm sure u will end up eating more than u would normally do and yogs are only free food not superfree which is what success express is all about god i'm confused now lol perhaps someone else can enlighten us :)
i am searching out snippets from other peoples posts that have done success express lol

1st one
snacks can be syns OR superfree foods OR healthy extras they are not allowed to be regular free foods
a days menu
- 1 chocolate Weetabix (1/2 HExB1 + 1 syn) with 150ml skimmed milk (3/7 HExA) and chopped banana
- Pear

Walked 5km.

- Homemade soup with tinned tomatoes, baked beans in tomato sauce, potatoes, leeks, celery and carrots
- Cucumber sticks
- Apple

Walked 5km.

- 1 slice of wholemeal toast (1/2 HExB1) with EL mayo (0.5 syn)

- Plain boiled rice with one chicken leg
- Cucumber, lettuce, carrot and cabbage salad with EL mayo (1 syn) and tomato ketchup (1.5 syns)
- Fruit salad - apple, pear, banana, orange and melon

- 200ml skimmed milk (4/7 HExA)
- 2 Celebrations chocolates (4 syns)
- Alpen Light bar (1/2 HExB2
Aww thanks Val , ur a star :) i get it now then....The way my consultant was talkin about it was that it is pretty much extra easy but to amke sure ur havin 2/3rds superfree instead of 1/3rd and to have 2 A choice and 2 B choice...

i am now much clearer and heres to success express :)

hope the last few posts help :)

It's very similar to EE but you have 2/3 superfree instead on 1/3.
You also get 2 A's and 2 B's which is good. If you need to snack between meals, it must be superfree, healthy extra or syns...so basically not freefood eg pasta/meat.
Also on SE you take the highest syn value for things.
Brilliant :) honestly thankyou sooo much xxxxx
Ok, just to update for today after Val has helped me out :)


2 Weetabix (HEB) Milk (HEA) and sugar (1syn)


Syn Free home made Spag bol with onions, mushrooms, garlic, chillies in sereved with a bit of spaghetti with tons of green beans mixed in so its like i have got more spaghetti :)

Syn free sausage with mash potatoe and beans served with tons of broccoli and cauliflower ( 2 syns for butter and milk HEA)


Pack of fridge raiders (2.5 syns)
Wholemeal pitta (HEB) with my tea ???

Syns = 5.5

Plus an hour workout at the gym later :)

Think this is right now xx
ooooooh yes that looks a lot better looks a lot more balanced now good luck will be sitting on the edge of my seat for ur next weigh in lol. i put 2lbs on last week usually do ee but have done red and green this week in the hope that i lose it this week, i weigh in tomorrow :eek: xx
Aww good luck for tommorrow Val, lemme know how ya get on xxxxx
I may be inadvertantly doing this then..
I have about 1/2 - 2/3 of my dinner plate full of veg ( cabbage, leeks, cauliflower, sometimes sprouts ) and a handfull of roast taters and a chicken breast..
diners is usually a tin of beans and breakfast is some scrambled eggs and fruit..
Hey coljack, i was guna ask what ur secret was??? u weight is just fallin off ur doin fab xx

We always get told to make sure we have our syns as well, do u have any??
the only ones I count are 2 for gravy with my dinner and a piece of pork pie on sunday at Mom's... ( 10 syns but worth every one.. )

If I have a few non-counted syns then it's still well within my allowance..
sometimes I'll get a craving for an extra alpen lite and count those, or a couple of krackawheat crackers and count those..
Well like i said ColJack u r doin amazing, so ur obv doin it right xxxx

Ok so after all the help from Val yesterday i dont think it was a great success , i seemed to eat so much more than usual :confused: and am not sure about doin this again today incase i actually end up with a gain !! So i am guna go back to what i know and do EE with as little syns as possible for the next few days and just hope that helps .....

So here goes for today

Breakfast :-

Syn free sausage x2 with tinned tomatoes, beans 1 egg and a wholemeal pitta(HEB)


Fridge raiders (2.5Syns) with batchelors savuory rice and broccoli

Tea :-

Birdseye chicken breast (2 syns) with S/W chips & cheese(HEA), carrots and green beans

Syns :- 4.5 :D

No snacks today as i dont have any fruit in and dont want to take the kids out in this freezing weather to get any either...

I think this is a pretty good Extra Easy day, what do u guys think??? And i dont feel like i am eating as much as yesterday.

all feedback welcome :)
Oh and another hour long workout at they gym :cool:
I know it's counter intuitive, but the more superfree and speed foods you eat, the more you lose.. so don't worry that you're eating more on the success express thing because you're supposed to, it's all superfree and most would be speed foods..

sorry to be vulgar about it but, the more you eat the more you poop and then the food doesn't stay in you as long to have all the extra stuff absorbed..

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